Is the cryptocurrency HEX a scam or is it just genius? In this review I discuss what HEX is, what the “pumpamentals” are and how it works. It’s to say the least a weird project, that is designed to pump. Apart from that it has no usecase at all.

Richard Heart, who is an early Bitcoin investor, used to be very vocal against scammy projects and scammers such as Craig Wright, is the founder of this project.

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38 replies
  1. philosopher2king
    philosopher2king says:

    NO thanks, the man doth protest too much. Every time I see someone who pretends he’s the "only" real game in town, the "only" honest one and is the “only“ welding X or Y, he’s usually a scammer. The US elected a president who used that same tactic, a conman and not even a good one. This guy is not doing a good job at selling his own shit, this is not transparent and if he owns more than 50%, your funds are at the mercy of a blowhard. Now I could be wrong but I smell another Bitconnect.

  2. Thomas Albertini
    Thomas Albertini says:

    We need this kind of coins. Just imagine dumb people getting wealthy by just hodling Bitcoin. You need some financial Darwinism to screen out the sort of people who would fall for this. Just like the OneCoiners

  3. lmacstack
    lmacstack says:

    Richard has made so many people rich. It can go to zero right now and it will do better than what all the people hating on it have done for their followers. Eventually word gets out.

  4. baianoise
    baianoise says:

    It's totally a scam, and think about it: all the money that you put in this shitcoin is the money that you ain't investing in healthy, legit and sound projects like Polkadot, Elrond, etc. There's plenty of opportunity to get rich in crypto while diminishing the size and breadth of the state control over it's citizens, what it the original ethos of crypto: it's a libertarian idea!

  5. Mike Koski
    Mike Koski says:

    Scam or genius. You tell me. Lets start with the fact that HEX is a finished product. No hopium of solving some problem in the world. Zero down time. 3 independent audits. You keep your keys. You mint your own coins. While staked, you earn high interest plus price appreciation. ( highest in crypto in 2020 bye the way). Despite being attacked and gate kept by just about every cryprto influencer and exchange in the space, HEX's formidable community a.k.a. the HEXicans, have held the line and proven that HEX is a force to be reckoned with. According to Nomics (the only legit market ranking web site.) In its 1st year HEX has rose to #15 of of 5000+ other coins…..So you tell me? If HEX is a Scam then I have lost faith in humanity. Merry HEXmas all.


  6. The Gman
    The Gman says:

    What are your views on Hex now that it's passed the launch phase and has been proven to be totally legit? If you got Hex on the day you released this video you would have roughly 250x your investment. Thoughts?

  7. yours truely
    yours truely says:

    You never mentioned how the AA was helpful for large Eth buys. On UNI you get slippage against yourself. The recycling in the AA is not very relevant because the previous days Eth could have been left untouched and Richard could have just used his own Eth to prop up the next days AA. Whether or not there was recycling is irrelevant. You say there is no innovation, but the share price mechanism is innovative. HEX is just BTC with a time lock feature that pays the stakers the inflation instead of the miners. Your portion of the inflation is determined by your shares relative to the total shares. You get shares when you lock HEX. The longer and larger you lock, the more shares you get. It has 2 security audits and one economics audit.

  8. James B
    James B says:

    Hex community bans instantly on Dlive if you ask critical questions. One mention of the origin address and banned instantly. They will just call you a concern troll or AI for asking any critical questions and mute you.
    @Hexoligist is the worst of the scam echo chamber dummy’s

    Can’t wait to see some of them Rug pulled!


  9. D Santi
    D Santi says:

    Hex pays out high yields because its taking the long term locked up Hex tokens and paying off the short term investors. Rinse and repeat. I cant find one video or document that explains how HEX makes money to payout that yield. Are they investing the locked up HEX into other assets? Lots of unknowns. Reminds me of Bitconnect .

  10. Nizam Hulk
    Nizam Hulk says:

    Scam! Scam!! Scam!!! If there is a way or method to put this people behind the bar I would be very happy. I got cheated and humiliated, I couldn't withdraw a dime..has anyone filed a case against them? I have already done that..join the group via( ellenbeatrice 101 g mail )if you don't wanna loose your funds. My fund has already been retrieved…

  11. craven rack
    craven rack says:

    great video once again mate, and to think it has been a turbulent past few days for Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market, with bulls primarily controlling the cryptocurrency. After breaking the 13k resistance, the crypto asset is gearing for another bullish move in the nearest future, while we wait patiently and hold for more bullish moves , we can also earn from trading crypto assets. I wasn't a trader, and i won't call myself one but with consistent trade sessions and guidance from Sebastian Bryant, an expert on crypto assets and signal analyst i have been able to understand the basic knowledge needed for trading. I would attribute my portfolio's worth to him because his signals and careful guide was a major tool to my current trading experienc, i would also recommend him to newbie out there. He can be reached on whatsap (+447782861037) and telygram (Sebastianbryan) . Patience is one of the basic ingredient of success

  12. Markus Louw
    Markus Louw says:

    Hex has never had any bugs or any hacks. It's fully decentralized, so not dependent on the health of any exchange. It's fully functional and complete, so no risk of making a mistake in development or along some roadmap. Use cases: store of value, electronic transfer of value, certificate of deposit concept with interest.

  13. Paul Capling
    Paul Capling says:

    Ok, where does the interest come from? It doesn’t work without more people buying in. I’ve been mining since 2012. Unless you can explain to me why it will go up in value, this screams BITCONNECT 2.0


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