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  1. Flavius Tech
    Flavius Tech says:

    When do you solve ur mic problems, add another filter or keep ur breath away from mic, when u blow into it is sound bad. Increase sensitivity and stay far from mic, or decrease sensitivity and stop blowing in it.

  2. Tom De Brouwer
    Tom De Brouwer says:

    A hash does not give a unique fingerprint. There're multiple data streams with the same hash/fingerprint But it is very very very hard (or you could say "impossible") to find another data stream with the same hash. But nevertheless they exist.

  3. Mehrdad Solomon
    Mehrdad Solomon says:

    If authorities in iran ban anything people do the opposite and rush to buy it because they don't trust the government at all.Currency crisis is also a very important factor because people are losing the value of their property.and I smashed the like!


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