DAI is a stable coin designed to be worth exactly $1. What’s special about it is that it’s not backed by a physical 1USD stored in an unknown location – instead, it’s backed by other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and BAT via MakerDAO. This makes the DAI much more transparent than other stablecoins such as the USDT / USDC. We also show the minting process for DAI via the Oasis App (MakerDAO).

Maker DAO: https://makerdao.com/
Use DAI on Oasis: https://oasis.app/

👉👉Get your Unstoppable Domain: https://unstoppabledomains.com/r/4e8eeeec11004b3
Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/bitcoin-out-of-the-box/id1490037766
Defi Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQeEiPORvkE&list=PL9lFXJSrjdxANKXk9GMhgJwOe7S4O0ey-

Special thanks to Nathan and Phil for Editing this Video. Check Nathan out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFBMJMfA6WcmoIOIb81JE0g
#Ethereum #DAI #MakerDAO

00:00 Introduction
1:47 Unstoppable Domains
2:44 Why Stable Coins
3:38 Problem with USDT
4:15 DAI strengths and Weaknesses
5:59 Minting DAI

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. Sonny
    Sonny says:

    Very interesting and good videos you make. Still I have a question about DAI. Why would you be in a contract with 1 ETH for just 1/1.5 ETH worth of DAI? Aren't you just being exposed to the market with extra steps? Please explain, thanks!

  2. George Goosen
    George Goosen says:

    Thanks for a great video, although im not 100% sure what the motivation would be for someone to convert ETH to DAI. Considering there is not a fee to maintain it. Wouldnt it be better to put your crypto in a liquidity pool and at least you can earn APY on that?

  3. Fight The Bully!
    Fight The Bully! says:

    So, if I made $4000 in say chainlink and wanted to cash out but coinbase, Uphold, or whatever is acting up. I can transfer it into dai and cash out later because it should hold at least a dollar value? If I'm comprehending it correctly. I'm new to this.

  4. Dep-ed Teacher Cuenca
    Dep-ed Teacher Cuenca says:

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  5. Nero 0
    Nero 0 says:

    So did you just swap etherwum for dai? I'm lost. You locked youre ethereum away and got dai straight away i thought you would lock it into the contract and slowly generate more. If this is the case how much does it take to generate more dai


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