Curve Finance launched the CRV governance token for its Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). Quickly after the launch, the token was immediately listed on Binance, Okex, and Poloniex – so what’s with all this Hype. We take a look at Curve Finance, Curve Pools, and also Curve Minter. We have a tutorial on how to yield farm CRV.

Curve Finance ($CRV) guide:
Deposit into Curve Y Pool:
Minter Staking & CRV farming:

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. baianoise
    baianoise says:

    Curve doesn't look like win 3.0, it's pretty much identical to Linux's "Midnight commander" check it out. Also, in the DOS era pretty much every other "window" based software looked like that, there was a database focused language called "clipper" that use to make applications very similar to.

  2. Cole Dinant
    Cole Dinant says:

    Thank you for a great video. DeFi is a revolutionary financial technology that I really like. Personally I use PointPay platform. They have a lot of advantages over other projects. First of all you don’t need to pay these crazy fees to withdraw your liquidity. And secondly they have really high interest rates. For example 6.1% APR for BTC and 4.6% APR for ETH. Also the platform is very comfortable and easy to use, so I recommend it to you!

  3. Crypto Superstars
    Crypto Superstars says:

    ((FYI)) Andre Cronje (Defi Genius Lead  YFI Developer) Yearn Finance Just Invested into “FTM” Fantom . On his Bio he is now listed as “Editor of Fantom Foundation”. This is MASSIVE NEWS…Don’t miss out !! FTM is just $0.04 This is set  to explode. Thank me later 😉

  4. Home Boy
    Home Boy says:

    Quick question. I deposit to the Compound Pool but while I am in DAO ( ) 1st question: If the funds are on the left what does that mean and if the funds are on the right what does that mean & #2 I can see all of the other pools. Is it possible to move funds around to hose other pools from the DAO Guage area?


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