Most people are in full crypto euphoria and not many people are thinking about their exit. But institutions do! Amadeo Brands from Defi Capital explains his thought on the 2021 crypto exit.

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  1. Angelika
    Angelika says:

    ivan , if big companies like blackrock buy crypto and create derivatives will they be able to control the crypto market like they do gold and silver? Please give us some idea on this potential. thank you Ivan

  2. Yewbzee
    Yewbzee says:

    Exit strategy is simple. When my total bag cap hits 5 mill, jeronimo! My strategy with crypto has always been moon or zero. It’s a lazy approach I know but what the hell.

  3. VickingVic Bubble
    VickingVic Bubble says:

    Don't watch. I can summarise this guy's spiel for you in one sentence: The guy has got a "strategy" and he is very proud of it. and we should all have a "strategy". Contact him if you want him to use his "strategy" with your money and make you pay for it! The end!

  4. matrixist
    matrixist says:

    Horrible advice.
    The has NEVER been a debt bubble like this. You CANNOT compare the Tech bubble to now. The World is bankrupt today. Rhe only exit strategy us to stay away from currency .

  5. stultus es
    stultus es says:

    Ivan, these sorts of videos I think are bolstering your credibility

    Your enthusiastic but of late your approach is far more mature with a much broader view as opposed to just go go go go go

    Good content, sound backing, big picture view, removing the emotive aspects and notching up the professionalism

    A little bit of go go go…would still be nice now and then though 😁

  6. hugelawn
    hugelawn says:

    You guys are not addressing the elephant in the room and that is many of us are stuck with all of our alt coins because of the gas fees are too high. yet you guys still pump one inch in uniswap these exchanges are garbage. And the reason being is because of the fees nobody wants to pay that much fee for smaller trades or swaps. So I don't know if you guys are catering to the rich people or what but this is does not help us one bit!


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