The Bitcoin market cycle is well underway. Time to do an update! What is a market cycle? Where are we now in the Bitcoin cycle? What’s next?

Hint: good times ahead!

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  1. o0emocore
    o0emocore says:

    Bitcoin started a downside correction which saw it test $8,800 region though it will correct higher and trade above the $9,000 support levels this was expected before the full blast of the bull run kicks in. Bitcoin is expected to hit the $20,000 region before the year runs out and if that happens without you stacking up more coins will make no sense at all so it’s only reasonable you find suitable means to stack up and grow that portfolio quickly and I have come to understand that guided trading with the assistance of an expert trader is the best approach to achieving that. One of such expert trader is Nathan Trueman whom I have been copying his trades for quite some time now through his daily trade signals. I can’t say I'm doing bad for myself because with the aid of his trade signals being copied in my trades I have surpassed all my previous achievements having made 8 btc in my first 2 weeks of using them. He can be reached on WhatsApp: +44 7723 984457 and also through his Telegram:@nathantrueman for more inquiries into becoming a better and well-informed trader.

  2. Crypto Slim
    Crypto Slim says:

    Like in 2017 nobody expected a all time high and nobody expected a bear market in 2018. This cycle expect the unexpected beacause now we got to many BTC 4 year cycle specialists and everybody is anticipating to top 2021 or 2022. NObody talked in 2017 about the btc 4 year cycle now it is a hot item so be aware


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