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  1. Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar says:

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  2. Peter Meissnitzer
    Peter Meissnitzer says:

    What is rated the number 1 country in overall standard of living SWITZERLAND , who are the financial geniuses of the world SWITZERLAND , who is in full support of BITCOIN , SWITZERLAND , enough said.

  3. Wet Bob
    Wet Bob says:

    2018-2019 is to be very bad and bubbling in uncertain worldwide economies for all crypto currencies/tokens/coins and all ICOs, after rising in 2016-7. May be more volatile with more problems coming in near future for thousands of ICOs, tokens, coins, and digital moneys with stricter regulations in the making worldwide nowadays, too bad indeed! Short life in true internet unseen unknown unreal virtual impractical problems and more difficulties soon. Cheers & bingo for those investors who can be lucky and wiser to escape these bad to worst scenarios sooner or later!

  4. Domingo Martinez
    Domingo Martinez says:

    Dear Ivan. Thanks for your channel.
    I need your advice. I am losing $290 from making a mistake between wallets in different exchanges.
    I send some BTC from Coinbase to a BCH wallet at Kucoin.
    Coinbase and Kucoin wash their hands and told me that nothing could be donde and my fonds are lost
    Could you give any advice based on your experience.
    Kind regards
    Domingo from Caracas Venezuela [a country with a 8,000% yearly inflation]

  5. Markmra13
    Markmra13 says:

    I have a complaint about Binance, it works great and very fast usually, except for the time when bitcoin goes up or down agressively. It freezes completely, i cannot execute any trades or interact with the website at all. By the time i can make the trade the btc has already gone up or down 100-200$. It has happened on my computer, my iphone and another friends pc… more than 10 times total.. it looks like someone pushed a button to freeze the exchange once the price moves fast on bitfinex so they can react in binance and take the orders before anyone else. I would like to think that the server gets overloaded with too many orders but they way it freezes doesn't look like it is a server overload… When you click on a textbox you see the blinking line, but that doesn't happen during those times… coincidence? anyone else has the same problem?

  6. Ernestas Romeika
    Ernestas Romeika says:

    We should protect the fungibility of crypto and not "go after it". If someone has hacked someone five transactions down the chain from your ledger you shouldn't have to suffer from exchange blocking you and doing investigations. Fungibility is fundamental property of money, 1 BTC should always be equal 1 BTC, 1 NEM should always be equal 1 NEM, if we start treating accounts differently based on their chain reputation we lose this fundamental property.

  7. Glyne Martin
    Glyne Martin says:

    Those who are in Bitcoin to make more FIAT…as opposed to seeking to escape FIAT have totally missed the point, and most definitely WILL NOT withstand the Bear market. Maybe its for the better…

  8. Abel Patten
    Abel Patten says:

    Wouldn't it be easy for a financial titan to simply create many accounts and then sell and buy they're own coins back at a lower price thus forcing prices down. They could then also buy any other coins that are being sold by the people that are too fearful or desperate to HODL?

  9. The Distributed Exchange: Blockchain and Beyond
    The Distributed Exchange: Blockchain and Beyond says:

    Cryptocurrency is a giant lab for new economic technology, where crypto day traders in it are lab rats. Once the technology gets perfected, expect the current powers that be to use it. I would say here, that after April 15th, look for maybe a rebound. I would say, if anyone is now panicked over what is going on, and looking for answers watching YouTube videos, they shouldn't be putting money in it.

  10. 19giosanti72
    19giosanti72 says:

    I totally agree with Ivan! The community doesn’t “built” anything! I have a bar in Tijuana, México and I accept not only BTC as a form of payment, I accept: ETH, LTC, NEO, OMG, BitBay, and my bar was the first bar in the world to accept Crypto as a form of payment, and nobody gave a shit about it! The community doesn’t support or applaud entrepreneurs like me that convert our businesses into crypto friendly businesses. Why would anyone else copy me here in Tijuana or in the country?

  11. coldkidc
    coldkidc says:

    The truth is that we don't need banks…that is the end game of crypto. Mortgage/lending/credit companies will still be around but we don't need the rest of it…scares the shit out of the banks – wouldn't be surprised if there was bank coordination with the Mt. Gox seller and institutional sellers to orchestrate this selloff as a last-ditch effort to smack down the markets because they're starting to see the writing on the wall


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