Algorand ALGO is a high performance blockchain that focuses on DeFi. It delivers over 1000 tx/s, has very low transaction fees, great security and decentralization. Both USDT and USDC are are coming to the Algorand blockchain, so it can serve (decentralized) financial applications with the perfect infrastructure.

I’m not a financial advisor. This video is for educational purposes only.

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  1. JASON Flash
    JASON Flash says:

    warning to all ……Algo price is being munipulated open Bittrex and see the high price of $.68 someone is putting in .000000 market orders this stops all orders then they spike the price for a minute it cannot be seen on other exchanges some very shady stuff going on now ..i was a holder and believer of algorand but after these scammers make money they will dump on you

  2. Yerke van den berg
    Yerke van den berg says:

    Nice video, very informative. It's just not on the hype train yet. However I think it is on the radar of a lot of people. When news comes out I am sure people will fomo in and want something of the price action. Hopefully it will happen soon considering the defi boost it could get.

  3. Ai Kiu
    Ai Kiu says:

    Algorand is definitely a sleeper…..a damn good one. A couple of other points.
    World Chess just played the first chess game on Algorand's blockchain with Silvio – he lost to a master of course.
    They have an Islamic Banking license.
    FlexID (funded by IBM) is using Algorand in Africa.
    FlexFinTx is partnered with DIF and Purestake.
    Purestake provides infrastructure across blockchains (interchain) and is a partner of Algorand, Moonbeam and Polkadot.
    EU, Iceland, Norway & Liechtenstien are going to issue e-money on Algorand.
    Republic Investment Platform (Defi) will launch a new digital profit sharing token on Algorand on July 16.
    Algorand is the blockchain behind iReport-Covid.
    May 26 podcast was with Bank Of England, IMF & People's Bank Of China.


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