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  1. jeffries1
    jeffries1 says:

    Ivan..i am a prospector for gold,i suggest you dont bury any metal with a security key on it as someone like me might come across it in a forest lol..Its what we do ,we dont do anything else..The latest minelab gpz7000 machine is the most advanced metal detecting machine ever invented.Released in 2015 .Developed by Australians and physicist Bruce Candy who works for Minelab…my reply is just to also give knowledge ,like you said you have to be careful…Thanks for your hardware wallet tips,i have bitcoin and funfair and i just ordered a Ledger Nano S …yay

  2. Josiah Ufono
    Josiah Ufono says:

    What do you learn from the Hack?
    For me, the likes of coincheck, poloniex, bittrex,… are just banks holding digital tokens only. I think it's high time we consider the likes of Bisq.

  3. Mark J.
    Mark J. says:

    Ivan — awesome stuff, bro. I'm looking forward to your upcoming course as well. If you make it to Tokyo hit me up … definitely happen to show you around. Have been in Japan for nearly 20 years — we would have a blast together. The Japanese, in general, believe the CoinCheck execs handled things relatively well (considering the head of the company is just 27 years old and started this exchange while in university). Rumors that it may have been an inside job … who knows. Keep up the great work my friend.

  4. Telltale Crypto
    Telltale Crypto says:

    Bitconnect and the amount of bitcoin they got away. Would that be enough to price manipulate bitcoin and alt coins? Maybe the recent hack in Japan is not a hack at all. Maybe its bitconnect moving its funds. Bitconnect is not dead and I do think we all should be concerned. We invented a Big Whale whose only puprpose is to be greedy and kill this industry with bad reputation and huge volatility.

  5. Jan Jeronimus
    Jan Jeronimus says:

    Hi Ivan.
    I missed some important things in your video:
    – If you prepare or are working on the storage for your cripto: cover your webcam as a hacker can use it to see your keys, paper wallet or recovery phrase etc.
    – Do not store it in one place as you do not want to lose it if e.g. your house burns down.
    – If you die or get an accident your relatives perhaps need to know how to access your cripto currency

  6. Joe Junks it
    Joe Junks it says:

    But it's what crypto currency is all about we are all responsible for our own crypto currency the government Shouldn't have any regulations this is the risk we all take the government needs to stay away and leave it alone it's not there business I lost 60k with bitconnect and I BLAME NO ONE BUT MYSELF so leave the government out of it that's what crypto is all about even if we loose it or get hacked same thing if we make huge gains leave us alone

  7. DandyBanana
    DandyBanana says:

    Please don't do live videos with chat if you can't stay on topic. I'm exhausted by this video & waiting for you to get to the point! Literally zero information on the hack or how it happened. But to answer your question . . . Ledger Nano S.


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