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21 replies
  1. Disturbed Peace
    Disturbed Peace says:

    Cross subscribed from Andrew's channel. You folks are great. Appreciate the honesty and candor. Heidi your insights are great and even when you giggle at something and don't say anything, you're actually speaking volumes. Toby, the shotgun investing on the micro alts is legit. All it takes is that one moonshot to move the needle on your net worth. Stay real. Subscribed.

  2. SonyJimable
    SonyJimable says:

    Throwing any money (no matter how small) at anything you don't understand is not smart. This is still very early days so relax, take your time and select just a few projects that you understand and find interesting. Stay focused. Go deep, don't go too wide, but stay impartial and keep brand-boism and other such fluff to a minimum. And don't chase the green dragon. Be patient, let it come to where you are satisfied with the price. This cycle or the next, care not.
    It is sad to say that tech people have had such a huge advantage here, so people not comfortable with programming, hot-rodding hardware, or who don't understand the strategic applications within relevant industries or markets should stick to the safe lanes. Bitcoin is foundational. If you want to dip your toe into something saucy look at hanging out in the Ethereum communities or suit up in a pinstripe and go checkout Tezos or NEAR for more smart stuff. If you are fairly PC hardware savvy (& have seen a command line before), head over to Komodo or Blocknet or slip into a "formula one Ivy team" projects like Avalanche, Cosmos, or Polkadot. Happy days. You have fun, and forget that you are probably making some money too. You win more often this way.

  3. 7lllll
    7lllll says:

    34:26 we would think, "it would pump if i sell, so i'll hold," or "it will dump if i bought, so i'll wait," but after deciding not to sell it always dumps and after deciding not to buy it always pumps too

  4. OldPa Sink
    OldPa Sink says:

    People will say you only need one of ten cryptos to moon to change your life. They don't add that there are 3500 projects and the chance of finding any ten that will have one winner is almost impossible and requires a tremendous amount of research and luck.

  5. Gaël des Montagnes Noires
    Gaël des Montagnes Noires says:

    Must be nice to write the code of platforms with finacial tools; understanding intimately the cogs & gears of said contract… release it, call it decentralized & bank hard !!!

    It's kinda late to write or copy paste your own currency, so what's left is taking unsuspecting people their tokens & BTC with outright scams or under the guise of an even plainfeild… enters, DEFI.


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