Working AND Teaching in Blockchain with Ayesha Kiani

Ayesha Kiani is the VP of Business Development at Ledger Prime, a quantitative crypto hedge fund. Prior to that, she worked at SingularDTC and Republic, serving as an active participant in the crypto industry since 2016!

But not only does Ayesha work in the industry, she’s also an Adjunct Professor at NYU teaching a course to undergrads on Blockchain technology. In this episode of the Proof of Talent podcast, we discuss with Ayesha her background, how she got started in the crypto industry and what she teaches her students.

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  1. treyblaak 1
    treyblaak 1 says:

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  2. Abdulqadir Dauda
    Abdulqadir Dauda says:

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  3. tăng hà
    tăng hà says:

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  4. Glendon Gross
    Glendon Gross says:

    Somehow I would have thought a course in Blockchain would have been a lot more technical than Ayesha described her NYU course, but then I need to remember that not everyone is interested in Blockchain for the same reasons.


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