Blockchain technology is decentralized and all transactions held on a blockchain are transparent and secure. However, it is facing a huge problem to achieve scalability without compromise on security and decentralization, especially in the financial sector.

Findora ($FRA) aims to resolve this issue by providing a financial infrastructure that enables individuals and enterprises to conduct transactions in a transparent manner while preserving privacy, thanks to the zero-knowledge technology.

In this episode, we speak to Paul Sherer, Director of Findora Research, about how Findora is going to solve the transparency and confidentiality issue and how they bridge the public chains and the private financial institutions.

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0:45 What is Findora?
1:25 What problems Findora aims to resolve? Scaling & Privacy
3:15 Objective of the project
3:58 Inspiration behind this project?
7:48 What’s the role of the project? How can we encourage mass adoption?
10:22 How do you solve the scaling issue?
12:07 How do you distinguish this public and private type of data infrastructure?
15:27 What’s the mechanics of this project? Is KYC necessary?
16:44 What kind of technology do you use to achieve data privacy?
19:33 If KYC is needed, how do you protect data threats and vulnerabilities?
24:01 How do you interconnect the authorized network with the non-authorized network?
27:40 What technology do you use to achieve cross-chain?
28:45 What’s the status of the project?
31:03 Check out for more info.

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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  1. D R
    D R says:

    great videos.. can you make one about all those yearn finance smart contracts coming up lately from technical and project perspective? yfdot- yfdfi and yfi?


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