Software Engineering Careers in Crypto with Graham Perich

Graham Perich is a software engineer, currently working at Coinbase, who has worked in the cryptocurrency & blockchain industry for close to 3 years! He joins us to discuss his journey in software engineering, how he began his career with the help of a coding bootcamp (Hack Reactor) and how he found his first job in the crypto industry at Fluidity through personal networking.

Graham also discusses how the software tooling landscape has evolved since he’s joined the industry, what he loves about working with such cutting edge technology and much more.

We hope you enjoy this episode, especially for those of you who might be interested in software engineering opportunities in the future!

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4 replies
  1. That DK Guy
    That DK Guy says:

    Thank you so much for this. I am trying to pivot my accounting career into software development and learning both back and front end web development ideally in the crypto space. This has given me a great primer on how to approach it and what to look into. Thank you Thank you!!!

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  3. Michael Otis
    Michael Otis says:

    I work at Fortune 500 company on contract as a global DevOps Engineer as my full-time job, however I work at two crypto startups to supplement my income with my extra time and I find the pure passion and excitement within these startups to be refreshing, something you don't see in these large bureaucratic companies. Not to mention, what you're building is typically used by hundreds or thousands of users, as a developer it's extremely satisfying to see tools and apps you've built used by other users and not just for internal use.


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