Lessons in Entrepreneurship – My First Year in Business

One year ago, I left my full-time job to pursue a dream of running my own business. Today, I wanted to reflect back on some of the lessons in entrepreneurship I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve experienced some ups, I’ve experienced a lot of downs, but luckily I’m still trucking along and here to tell the tale. I hope you enjoy, even if you’re not someone with entrepreneurial dreams.

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  1. abqgolfer
    abqgolfer says:

    40 videos in 1 year down 90% from 365 videos in 1 year…….yup…..you definately jumped into world of unknown own your own business. But I tell you what, when your business takes off YOU Bobby are going to know, yep dis sht is hard and you will (probably already do) will treasure every aspect of YOUR company YOU built. Way to go man. Keep it up. Now break that 2 year barrier. Good job.

  2. Vladicus Radicus
    Vladicus Radicus says:

    Things have happened relatively quickly for you! Good job! Took me at least12 months before my business began to consistently generate revenues in excess of my expenses! And you are so right! TRUST is CRUCIAL with your partners and/or employees and/or independent contractors!

  3. David Hay
    David Hay says:

    Congratulations man. Cash flow is everything! The longer you can keep your head above water the higher your chances of success. Wait a few more years and you’ll qualify for some ridiculous SBA loans!

  4. John Legan
    John Legan says:

    Rob – Very thoughtful video. Congrats on the biz. I have started at least 5 business both before and after college and after leaving a position at a major NYC bank.
    Years ago I bought a new townhouse condo in NJ. Another guy my age moved in a couple doors down and optioned his place up with extras by about $25K. At the time, that was a good % of the sales price. A friend of mine pointed to that guy's place one day and said: "Look at Andy – he's only been in business 5 years and he's already successful" (He started a janitorial supply co after being a sales guy in the industry)
    The five-year rule is a good one to track. 10, 15 years from now POT could be a National franchise. Good Luck!
    PS: Keep the rib-eyes coming 🙂


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