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Support the stream: People in crypto love to talk about the benefits of “HODL” in crypto, but a chart recently circulated showing the crazy turnover in the crypto markets in the last 5 years. Let’s take a look at the chart and discuss why it has some validity, but why it’s also important to remain nimble. We’ll also dive into an awesome thread from Ari Paul on crpyto education resources and how you can teach yourself a ton. Let’s talk about it in today’s Crypto Happy Hour.

Ari Paul’s thread on crypto education:

Tweet on top 10 coins from 5 years ago:

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  1. Aussie Picker No BS
    Aussie Picker No BS says:

    Hodl the coins you have faith in and the shit coins like xvg and trx and xrp , etc etc are good for flipping.. but know one really knows what the market will do day by day other the whales behind closed doors really know because I am sure they all talk to each other and say lets dump the market today… so they can buy back in and then they pump the market again so they can sell out.. it is all really pot luck and gambling..

  2. Derick
    Derick says:

    Hello Bobby, I am following the Decred running in the last two month. Could you please take some day to talk about this coin? Seems to be a very good project..Best Regards from Brazil.

  3. LoTemps
    LoTemps says:

    I've slowly but surely become a bitcoin maximalist where I'm investing in Btc like if I had an oppurtunity to invest in the internet in the mid 1990's. I believe in a 6-12 month bear market where all the pretenders will get washed out. Then the real contender btc will attract investor smart $ that will cause Btc to hit a new all time high!

  4. MoonCoins
    MoonCoins says:

    I am currently holding
    • VeChain (Quality control across supply chain management)
    • Sub (Decentralized Internet)
    • Theta Token (Youtube and Twitch founders are advisors)
    • Data (Ad Fraud)

  5. Lucas Ronny
    Lucas Ronny says:

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  6. Mike Cole
    Mike Cole says:

    The chart comparison isn't really relevant to HODLing. If you're really curious to understand how those top coins compare to today, you'd just have a 5 year ago price, current price, and deviation percentage for each of those coins. You can't ask "where are they now" or why aren't they in the top 10 anymore, when there have been so many new players entering the game. All you should really be concerned with is how much has the price of those coins changed over the long term – 5 years.

  7. peter hansen
    peter hansen says:

    Hey Bobby. As always great content. But so sad that no one even asks your opnion about TRX because they know you don't like it. Never the less it's a top 10 coin with an upcoming launch of its main net. Would'nt it be fair to at least dive a little into it from a professionaland perspective even if it's overvalued, shilled by Justin Sun etc. I'm not looking to get it reviewed with the hopes of it just being positive (I know it won't). Would just like your professional opinion. You got my like as always buddy 🙂

  8. Crypto G
    Crypto G says:

    Cardano is my baby. Let her grow. If I'm wrong I am okay with that. If I lost it being stupid that is what will hurt my pride. Each their own but HODL'ing is my main strategy. I have other ideas too.

  9. Crypto G
    Crypto G says:

    Imagine you had $100,000 and you put in $1000 into 100 top coins. Sign off and don't even look at it for an entire year. Welcome to the world of millionaire after one year. HODL'ing will be good at this point. Just 5 coins would have made you almost $5 million a year ago. That's a year with only using coins from top ten.

  10. Nicolas Tezari
    Nicolas Tezari says:

    Hodl or not to hold is impossible to know until its too late. If btc goes 50k or more then hodl btc will be a good choice, if it goes to 3k and never goes up again then hodl is a terrible decision.


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