Idiots Selling Cryptocurrency Courses – ITS TIME TO STOP – (Suppoman)

With so much money pouring into the cryptocurrency space, particularly in ICOs, social media has become a minefield. Everywhere you step, there’s a potential conflict of interest. But that’s not a problem for everyone! Enter Michael Suppoman, Udemy instructor and crypto “expert”! For the low, low price of $199.99, he’ll teach you everything there is to know about crypto, including “secret” ICOs!

Suppoman2011, the host of Savage Cash, frequently does cryptocurrency reviews, ICO reviews, and sells cryptocurrency courses. He claims to be a cryptocurrency trading expert despite admitting to not knowing basic concepts like market depth. There is much speculation that these are paid promotions that haven’t been disclosed. What a scandal!

I am not a financial advisor, and nothing in this video constitutes financial or legal advice. Please invest responsibly and do your research with due diligence.

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Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.


38 replies
  1. Jake
    Jake says:

    Doug I've been following your feeds since the BCC days in 2017 and want to commend you as they are really informative and great for the community. This is my fist time commenting but I have to say people like suppoman and Kieth Wareing's Crypto that both claim to be "experts" have zero credibility and are indeed being paid to promote crypto that would ONLY benefit their agenda otherwise they deem it a scam. This is what's wrong in the cryptospace.

  2. Thomas Groh
    Thomas Groh says:

    Mastery course in crypto trading but then you got market Depth… I'm not really sure what that is. LMFAO.. I'm never gonna be able to look at Crypto Youtubers the same again. How much B.S Crypto talk can you come up with in a market like this??? Thanks for keeping it real man!

  3. Patrick Lawton
    Patrick Lawton says:

    Keep it up Doug…these low-life maggots on YouTube and Twitter shilling their trading "courses." Suppoman cannot even read an ORDERBOOK and he's teaching trading courses?!? People like him personify everything that is wrong with Crypto these days. Keep exposing these self-serving parasites…and NO, I'm not some sour grapes idiot who sent all his ETH to a random strangers wallet address with the promise of an ETH giveaway. These people shilling completely SH*T scammer projects…People, please do your due diligence.
    Again, thank you Doug Polk! Keep raising the bar for this space! These greedy, uneducated "Bitconnect idiots" will thankfully soon be gone!!

  4. shahid hamid
    shahid hamid says:

    been watching your videos for the past 3 to 4 hours and thoroughly enjoyed them . Keep the good work exposing these low life scumbags. Another guy doing positive work like yourself is crypto jedi .

  5. Jo L
    Jo L says:

    You can talk about SUPPO all you want, but tell me one other YouTuber that breaks down and ICO, or coin/token and gives you the positives and negatives about it. Obviously you don't! No one comes close to the info he gives about projects.

  6. AA
    AA says:

    Dude ever since I started watching your videos my youtube has started playing an add advertising a certain type of crypto currency, or a firm of some sorts. The add shows a bunch of bar graphs going up but doesn't really explain anything. What happened with BitConnect should be freaking people out but instead people are viewing this shit as a way to get rich more than ever… how does one effectively get the word out about this shit?

  7. Ozziel
    Ozziel says:

    When you make 3k usd go up to 160k it's all thanks to Suppo, well maybe not all but he was a good start, you are no better trying to bash someone else to make people believe you are "Good".

  8. Mounafes Bakli
    Mounafes Bakli says:

    Doug, your video it's ok to watch but not spot top…if you have something personnel with suppo, no need to advice the whole world about Suppo. I am adult and mature enough to whom I choose to follow, take advice and tips, at the end I blame my self if something got wrong not Suppo or yourself. for me you are same as suppo, I know from my heart the only personage who truly care about me is my dad and my mum……we know all youtubers want to be good as much as they can…..and all this is to make lot of money..including yourself ……

  9. Lexy Bybee
    Lexy Bybee says:

    It's funny how many people talk shit on digibyte for not having a white paper. A white paper is irrelevant to a working blockchain that is already doing what it was made to do.

  10. hugo mercier
    hugo mercier says:

    Lol I literally went out of my way to go and block suppoman from my youtube feeds within the first week I got involved in cryptos last august. That freakin ugly, scam artist looking face had to go. Only watched him bark for 15sec in one of his vids and that was enough for me. Just didn't realize how much of a piece of shit he actually was. Wow! How the hell losers like that are able to be around this long. Someone please take him to bitconnect heaven already lol. Anyways. Dude that episode was a blast, good content as always, keep it up brother

  11. Da Lone Voice
    Da Lone Voice says:

    I like your show, funny and informative but DUDE!!!! Money and currency in same sentence over and over?

    MONEY = Silver and Gold you HOLD

    Currency = Any Fiat or Digital crypto currency

    Thanks bro.

    Like McDonalds food or something!

  12. H4 GG
    H4 GG says:

    Why would Telegram's coin succeed just because they're an established company? Large established companies fuck up all the time. Google glass? Google Plus? Microsoft Zune?

  13. Kung Lao
    Kung Lao says:

    suppo is an idiot from mauritius, the local Creols dont like to work just look out of their heads and drink beer. His the same, but I guess if he would sell all his crypto right now he could retire too. Surprising how far dumb people can get in Todays world.

  14. TmnUpd
    TmnUpd says:

    Hey Doug thanks! You need to expose this guy "Daily Crypto Vlog" ASAP many people are losing money. I have lost quite a bit, he basically promoted various kind of pyramid scheme/scam (chaingroup/bitconnect/hexabot) and when people lost their money he was very rude to them as well. If possible could do a favour to all your fan and expose this guy as well! Thanks 🙂


    hello doug!! do you know they have to get licence to teach courses??? do you now its a fraud?? udemy have already process against the unverify instrutors!! it means not licenced you have a few problems in uk and europe to! this guys theu are a scammers but wost udumy is on background!! youtube to udemy!! selling crap to the people! already make a processo in the courts against them!!
    study 6 years to teach and have certification and this guys… are making tons of money cheating everyone!!
    best regards and keep doind like you do!!! no shits are allow!! reveal the fakes gurus!! not advisers but still says i put my money!!


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