Crypto Happy Hour – Bitcoin Cash Added to GDAX, Crazy Volatility -December 19th Edition

Support the stream: Bitcoin has dipped below $17,000 after it’s sustained run up and up. Are we starting to see the beginning of a significant pullback? Grab a beer whiskey, water or coffee and let’s chill and have a good time talking crypto. Let’s recap the day’s action and answer your questions about the crypto world.

Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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  1. DasCrypto Moley
    DasCrypto Moley says:

    TRON is the crypto that will challenge Bitcoin because it's more novel and is something that no other crypt is P-2-P for entertainment profits…we can all make money on sharing our stuff now. No advertisement corps needed for profits.

  2. Josh Lawson
    Josh Lawson says:

    I've heard you mention a few times about people talking about decentralization then crying about lawsuits when things don't go their way. Surely you realize most people are somewhere in the middle and you can advocate for 90% less gov't intervention and still support lawsuits for some, shall we say "shady activity" without being a hypocrite? I really doubt most people in the crypto world are true anarchists who want no government and complete decentralization. Just my $.02, but great vid nonetheless.

  3. ex0tic
    ex0tic says:

    NVM I LOVE MY BTC I WANT IT BACK WAAAAHHHH. lol im jk i think bitcoin CASH is cool. it will go up regardless of this insider trading probe shit. it has a name that can attract the masses. mmmm i want those full bitcoin cash coins mmmm

  4. AllGood
    AllGood says:

    My biggest confusion with any crypto is this? Why do people think they have some sort of right to hold a coin they bought for one dollar and believe it will go to 1 million – what did you contribute to society in holding these coins to the moon ?, from what I can see Satoshi Nakamoto designed a – A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, to free the world of the banks and their control, to me it seems BTC holders are highjacking BTC to try to force price up, this stops the rest of the world from adopting BTC – and are now selling it as digital gold, when u say what about buying coffee, a meal they say get a bank account? WTF, this was not what Satoshi Nakamoto intended for us.

    If you believe it's all about decentralization, well that seems to be a lie, bitcoin cash node can run on a $400 laptop.

    If I am wrong, then educate me.

  5. AllGood
    AllGood says:

    A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System
    Satoshi Nakamoto

    BCH= 8 lane highway with low fees.
    BTC= 1 lane Highway with high fees – with some new tech coming, when??

    Which will business choose? Bitpay/steam have already chosen.

  6. Christina Torres
    Christina Torres says:

    Why even support Bitcoin or even Bitcoin Cash? RAIBLOCKS is here: super-fast, 100% feeless, decentralized, no energy use of a small industrial country (30 TW/h) as with Bitcoin. New post-blockchain DAG tech. In an honest world it would take over from BTC/BCC.

  7. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    How hard would it have been for Coinbase to just send out an email to all its customers that they would be offering bitcoin cash and are taking pre orders and then give the date of opening. I’m not happy with them and I see this as shady and not cool I do not trust them anymore. If I thought if this then you would think some of those geniuses would have thought of it.

  8. SebastianAsian
    SebastianAsian says:

    If you look at the graph, there was a big deep in mid afternoon for all Alt coins. It recovered about half pretty quick and dipped down again to the same spot right after. Now it's recovering slowly. Check out graphs for Alt Coins guys, it looks all the same. it's crazy.

  9. Crypto Sherpa
    Crypto Sherpa says:

    Litecoin(LTC) is a Keeper for the Term, 4X Faster than Bitcoin with 10X cheaper transaction cost basis. Also the Low Coin Float of 55 million will help Supply/Demand. Happy Holiday's & GL.


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