Crypto Happy Hour – All Time Highs Everywhere – December 18th Edition

Support the stream: Over 20 cryptoassets have hit their all time high in price in the past 24 hours, including NEO, ZCash, ETC, Lisk, Ark, Stratis, OMG and many more. Have you been riding the wave on the way up? Grab a beer whiskey, water or coffee and let’s chill and have a good time talking crypto. Let’s recap the day’s action and answer your questions about the crypto world.

Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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  1. Saul Pena
    Saul Pena says:

    I’m new and have only invest a little into BTC, ETH, & LTC thru coinbase. I want to get into alts but not sure the best way. I am aware that we can use binance or bittrex but not sure if I should trade BTC or ETH? Since the price of BTC is higher that means I only get very little BTC for USD thru coinbase. That means invest less in Altcoins, correct? Can anyone help me out ?

  2. Terrie Smith
    Terrie Smith says:

    Bobby…can you please make a video and talk about problems with Coinbase closing accounts, withholding funds, from it's customers???

    This is a real serious issue with Coinbase. My account was locked out and my funds is trap in there. Their support center sucks. No help at all. I request a help ticket, and they sent me an email saying it might take awhile until they can get to my ticket because they're overwhelmed with people having issues with Coinbase locking out their accounts.

    I would really appreciate it if you can address this important issue. Coinbase have problems.

  3. JCeePoker
    JCeePoker says:

    @Crypto Bobby I have a legitimate question. I keep hearing you talking about the evaluations of altcoins, but can't the same sort of logic be applied to any crypto; i.e. Bitcoin? How do we know a proper evaluation of Bitcoin. Some say it is overvalued, some say it can go to millions of dollars. With that same logic, I think it is slightly neglectful of the complete "sector" of crypto to say a ripple , iota, or ADA is capped because it can only be valued so much. However, as I illustrated above, we just simply do not have a proper evaluation for any cryptocurrency. When shares of stock are put out to the public they are evaluated based on algorithms, delineated from other, similar companies. And even these evaluations are often faulty, so with this in mind, we don't have a proper way to say that one crypto is worth something and one is not. Also, in regards to supply of some of these the same logic applies. We don't know the demand for cryptos, being that they are just now introduced into society, so we don't know if their supply is too high or low for economic efficiency.

  4. Dustin Durand
    Dustin Durand says:

    My personal favorite whiskey is Knob Creek. I recommend it clean if anything cool your glass before in the freezer. I also want to say I never have the time it seems to actually catch one of your crypto hours on time because of work or school but I love your videos and I love watching these at the end of my day with a beer anyways. I always appreciate your honesty and transparency. Also I love all the hard work you put into your videos and getting us the right information. I haven't commented on one of your videos yet but I felt it was right to tell your that your videos have literally impacted my life man and you are very rad!

    I do have a question..: if I keep my money invested in crypto will I get taxed on what I've made? I got involved in crypto in February, obviously have had a decent amount of profits but I have not transferred anymore out of Gdax into my bank account. in this case will there be taxes that show up in april.


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