Crypto Bobby is Done (as you know it)

Yup, you read that right. Crypto Bobby, as you know it today, is done. We’re changing things up and moving on to different things for the YouTube channel and podcast.

Today I wanted to level set with you guys, recap on where we’ve been and chat about we’re going.

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  1. Crypto Bobby
    Crypto Bobby says:

    Thanks for all the kind words in the comments everyone, it means a lot! As I mentioned in the video, I'll still be around with more content (and always tweeting too much), but it'll be more geared towards careers in crypto. Thanks for being cool about the transition!

  2. Glendon Gross
    Glendon Gross says:

    Thanks for your honest expressions. I have been a regular viewer because I liked the unfiltered presentation of your view of the crypto space, without too many hidden agendas. So I hope you'll continue to occasionally do YT videos in the old format when the spirit leads you, instead of becoming a slave to your new company (which I'm sure will produce a lot of valuable content.). Maybe you can think of Crypto Bobby as someone who has gone to sleep for a time, but may return unexpectedly from time to time and that might keep you from YT burnout. There is no requirement of Crypto Bobby to produce polished and scripted content all the time, because I don't really think that is what your brand is about… you were willing to pontificate on the crypto space as a provacateur, including telling the audience what you were drinking. Kind of like a "Howard Stern" of the crypto space. So my theory is that you'll be well served by letting Crypto Bobby sleep for a while, until and if the time comes when you may choose to enlighten us again as you feel led to do so. Thanks for all the great content.

  3. Todd Mullis
    Todd Mullis says:

    Ahh shoot been here from the beginning. Sad to see you move on! Good luck with your future endeavors! You might get that wild hair one day and make and old school video . Peace out . Stay safe

  4. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    End of an era. Appreciate all the videos. Was very enjoyable to watch, especially back in 2017/18 when things got crazy. Best of luck for all things in the future.

    Edit: Like others, going to miss the Happy Hours, Buffalo Wraps, Jets Sucking and Crypto Bobby dropping the btc price once the live stream started 😎

  5. Austin
    Austin says:

    I think the key take away here is that you understand the value that a good, moisture wicking, form fitting, durable yet stylish Melin hat provides a man. For that reason, I thumb up this end of a legacy. Keep building that brand. I’m counting on you to find a Sales engineering role in the next 3-5 years 😉

  6. Jacqueline Van Bierk
    Jacqueline Van Bierk says:

    I started following you couple years ago, took a break and just got back and now you're leaving. Grateful for your content. I appreciate your honesty, always gotta follow your gut. I'll listen to the podcast. Wishing you the best.

  7. FollowThe Money
    FollowThe Money says:

    As you said, there are enough guys making predictions. You found a niche that can help all of us in a way that has not been fully explored yet. Can't wait to see your new content. If you put the same effort you did into your earlier content, which I know you will, I have no doubt you'll be providing new careers for many of us! Thanks for everything Brah!


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