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Support the stream: Big Daddy Bitcoin is back and your altcoins are probably hurting a bit (at least on a BTC ratio). Let’s talk about what’s happening in the markets as well as all of your Q&A. Grab a brew, water, coffee, whiskey.

Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?

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  1. Niklas Moberg
    Niklas Moberg says:

    Everything moves in waves, I get that right now might be BTC season but when do you think the ALT coin wave will start to move again and what are you looking at for then? I I think the privacy coins will have a boom when the FUD blows over and that they might have the 2018 of ALTs in 2017. So I am looking at the small-caps that have had big dips and/or are showing strength like: DeepOnion and CloakCoin. Any plans of talking about any of these coins in a video?

  2. Robert
    Robert says:

    I ordered a Ledger Nano S from your amazon link.. it arrived 3 days late (I'm in NJ and got smacked with the storm Friday) the envelope opened unusually easy, and the shrink wrap on the box is sloppy (looks like it might have been re-wrapped) . I'm not accusing your link, but it may have been intercepted. Is there any way I can check it for malware before using it?

  3. Ray Tang
    Ray Tang says:

    Are you eyeing any cheap alts for once BTC stays rangebound for a potential alt season?

    $ICX – dubbed 'Korean Ethereum'. Could see $NEO like boom and it hasnt even hit top korean exchanges yet.
    $PPP – Paypie has an open alpha and their risk score algorithm is already being adopted by other coins.
    DGPT – Digital inheritance is a big issue in crypto, and DigiPulse will solve this. Just released open beta testing and with its low token supply (+token burn in May) and low market cap, there is a lot of upside.

  4. Tim Wade
    Tim Wade says:

    Crypto Community is helping Refugees from Venezuela. Please watch video from David Hay. The video name is
    "Crypto is Ready For Mass Adoption & It's About to Happen Now". He is actively organizing a plan to go there very soon with volunteers and a few million in crypto to make a real difference. The plan is to train and give it out as a stimulus package. This is a real world problem that is a superior opportunity to help our fellow suffering humans and help advance adoption for crypto. Please watch the video and pass it on. Social awareness is imminently important right now! The best in people usually come out when there is great need. The time is now, please help with awareness.

  5. USBitcoinServices.Com
    USBitcoinServices.Com says:

    Hi Crypto Bobby! Great video! You are right! Bitcoin is daddy of altcoins, and nobody knows when and which of their sons will become the most popular after bitcoin; we know that bitcoin is not private or anonymous; but the good thing: there are many privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies that will cover this from BTC; some of them are Verge, Dash, Monero or DeepOnion, I prefer this one over the others, this one has multiple layers of privacy and security!

  6. Davay
    Davay says:

    guys do you have any telegram communities in relation to crypto? bc we do in Russia and like thousands of ppl, traders, investors and miners are exchanging news and their ideas over there, but the only thing that I see on the english internet it's one-sided channels:/ mb I'm looking in the wrong places? lol help me pls:)

  7. MrAJC2287
    MrAJC2287 says:

    Alteum the exchange of Latin America will be massive! Signed deals with Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela governments! Free trading for life for all ico participants 🔥😎💪🏻

  8. Jamaal Gill
    Jamaal Gill says:

    Another super insightful video Bobby, keep it up! I recently started researching a digital inheritance coin called Digipulse (DGPT). Low market cap, low coin supply, and is a safety valve against losing your private keys. Would love to see you do a video on it before I invest!

  9. Sypher
    Sypher says:

    Rchain 100% Roh Lang is sexy – this is a 2000x gainer + just hold 1000 coins and you are rich in 2 years. deal?
    nchain, prob not
    Zilliaq too many coins fuck off
    eos. sigh..yes i dont have any

  10. Tyler Bartels
    Tyler Bartels says:

    I think I read that ledger doesn't support Monero. I know you like to store a lot on your ledger so are you storing it in a Monero wallet you made? or do you keep on exchanges until ledger support is integrated?

  11. Cath Ellis
    Cath Ellis says:

    I can't believe you did not stay for the fork of Bitcoin Private. You was the one that put me on to it. yes I lost in the zclassic dump. but I really like the idea of Bitcoin private. looking forward to Bitcoin Private to the moon.


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