The US election seals China’s victory in digital currency supremacy

The world is engaging in financial warfare, and China is winning. China’s digital yuan — also referred to as Digital Currency Electronic Payment, or DCEP — will soon be used around the world. The People’s Bank of China is one of the most advanced central banks in the world. For that reason, it has been advancing on the digital currency front, while by all appearances, the United States Federal Reserve has not.

And now that Donald Trump and his “America First” policy has been defeated — though counting remains ongoing and court cases over the results are pending — China’s supremacy in the area of digital currency has been assured.

Alex Zha serves as director of global operations at MXC Exchange, a one-stop cryptocurrency service provider. Prior to MXC, he gained experience at OKEx as senior global marketing manager. Alex is a veteran in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and is a well-versed marketing and operations specialist who believes blockchain and cryptocurrency will usher in the era of modern financial inclusion. He holds a master’s degree from the National University of Singapore.