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  1. toe jammin
    toe jammin says:

    You can bet the "great reset" will be done in "our best interest". It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that these people are watching out for my best interest. God help us. I see XMR going through the roof.

  2. FV
    FV says:

    @Crypto Tips Do you personally trust your crypto on a Ledger Nano devise for long-term storage? I'm planning on stepping away from crypto for now until a next bull run. Do you think it's safe to just keep it there and store my recovery phrase in a safe and call it a day? Or would you suggest paper wallets instead? I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

  3. CryptoJackLavers
    CryptoJackLavers says:

    Why is Monero better than ZCoin. I saw an interview on Go Gone Crypto, comparing ZCoin , Monero and others.. It seems that if you fart in a lift with Zcoin, it's much less likely that you will be discovered than if you were carrying Monero!!! Yes, this is my sum knowledge of the privacy functions provided!

  4. will13vilaede
    will13vilaede says:

    theres lawsuits against binance and CZ right now, they have 60 days left…the market isnt skyrocketing because big players are selling to noobs who think we will see 100k soon or some shit…See you at 3k fools

  5. Doctor Lecter
    Doctor Lecter says:

    Hello , Toby said will sell yfi on top on the bullrun, how does he know when the top will be in , which indicators will he use ? What are the fundamentals indicators of a bull run top ? New video subject maybe

  6. Fabien Belnand
    Fabien Belnand says:

    Hello, good to see you 2 as every week. However, sorry but I cannot give you a thumb up in a video when you say (again) that mobile wallets are bad.. I would really want to see a debate/discussion on this topic between you and Andreas Antonopoulos. It would be very interesting to invite him if you're planning some interviews in the future. 🙂
    Have a nice week.

  7. I P
    I P says:

    It was a fake from the very first moments when movie people were paraded out saying they all had this thing. The very first day you should have known this

  8. Gary La Cour
    Gary La Cour says:

    What you need to understand is the reset is not about fiat dollars. The entire system is being reset to asset backed currencies. The Swift banking system is defunct in this reset and banks have gone and or are going to a digital system. Blockchain. The playing field will be more level.


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