A new platform for buying and selling clean energy began to be used in the testing phase in a region of Germany. The giant Siemens is one of the financiers of the project, together with local energy companies and research institutions.

The structure is called Pebbles and basically consists of an electronic commerce mechanism for electricity. Private energy producers, such as owners of wind farms or photovoltaic solar panel farms, can make available the surplus energy generated without needing a partnership with an intermediary energy company.

On the other hand, consumers can use an application to request purchases and even define some parameters, such as the percentage and the desired price of each energy system. The platform should be used not only for domestic networks, but also for heat pumps and electric vehicle charging stations – Germany has bold targets for the growing adoption of cars that do not use fossil fuels.

The blockchain is used to ensure that all transactions are made transparently and securely, as well as allowing system expansions to be more efficient.

For now, the tests will take place only in the municipality of Wildpoldsried, a small town in the Bavarian region. The goal is to establish the first local marketplace for blockchain-based electricity trading there.

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