Official Newsletter of the European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum

We are pleased to present you with our monthly update on the activities of the European Union Blockchain Observatory & Forum.

This edition of the #EUBlockchain newsletter includes a brief roundup of upcoming workshops and publications.


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EUBOF2.0 Expert Panel

The first edition of the Observatory gathered a cross-cutting group of experts and in its renewal we want to maintain this tradition. This time we invite experts not only from Europe, but also from other continents and regions in order to foster transnational exchange and learn lessons from each other.

We look for experts who represent high-level of knowledge and expertise on diverse subjects related to the blockchain ecosystem such as (but not limited to):

  • transaction capacities, validation protocols, smart contracts, decentralised storage;
  • cybersecurity and cryptography development;
  • interoperability and standardisation;
  • scalability and integration with legacy systems;
  • organisational and governance aspects of blockchain;
  • tokenisation;
  • regulatory and legal aspects;
  • data protection and data management

We strongly encourage those involved in cross-sectoral applications of blockchain in domains such as finance, Internet of Things, digital identity, energy, transport, healthcare, education and others. The overarching aim is to develop strategies to facilitate the European blockchain industry’s quest to become a global leader in this field in the most complex and overarching manner in order to leverage the potential of blockchain solutions in diverse sectors.

Should you be interested to learn more about the Observatory’s Expert Panel, please do not hesitate to write Paula Grzegorzewska at We will respond to your questions and look forward to hearing from you.



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Workshops – Save the date!

Our workshop on “Central Bank Digital Currencies – Do we need them?” is scheduled for the 29th of October. Our speakers’ panel includes business representatives, stable coin providers and representatives of central banks from Europe and beyond. Scheduled for the 29th of October, participation is open to all and the agenda as well as more details are available online


Past events

The first workshop organized by the new Observatory, focused on Blockchain and Healthcare applications took place on the 24th of September. With more than 100 participants, the workshop discussed issues of privacy, consent, identity and data sharing. The recording of the workshop is available online, as well as the presentations of the event.



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  • Our first thematic report focusing on EU blockchain ecosystem developments will soon be published. Be the first to review! We are happy to have your feedback and comments!
  • The next upcoming report, expected to be published in January 2021, will be focused on Central Bank Digital Currencies.
  • The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum’s first Trends Report is scheduled for publication in November. This report will shed light on the latest developments and trends on blockchain technology with a special focus on market developments, technological advancements and news on legislation and framework conditions.



Inputs from the community have a major role in shaping these publications. Conversations are happening every day between the members of the community. Register today! Become part of the conversation. Stay in the loop. Make connections and share knowledge, tips and ideas.


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