Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Caparov stated that a blockchain-based voting period should be adopted to ensure fair elections in the near future.

Speaking to Al Jazeera television about blockchain technology, Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister Sadir Caparov commented on how to ensure that the elections take place in a fair environment. Caparov started to serve as the prime minister of the country with the elections held 10 days ago. The politician, known to want to be president, stated that he submitted his proposal for a blockchain-based election application to the Central Election Commission in the country. Caparov’s statements are as follows:

“Three separate revolutions took place due to unfair elections. But from now on everything will be fair. I advised the Central Election Commission to integrate blockchain technology in the elections. This new system can be applied in 3-6 months.

The selection proposal, which includes blockchain technology, is on the table for now. It is known that Kyrgyzstan has implemented various technologies to support fair elections. New technologies were also used in the country’s elections this month. In elections, citizens were able to access the ballot papers by scanning their fingerprints before they received the ballots. In addition, electronic scanners and servers were used while processing ballot papers.

Stating that they will solve the problem of bribery in the elections, Caparov stated that those who try to bribe will be detained. The minimum prison sentences for these persons are planned to start from 2.5 years.

Blockchain technology also for the US presidential election

In the United States, blockchain technology will be used in the elections on November 3, 2020. It is known that cooperation with Associated Press (AP) for this. At the end of the election, the votes will be broadcast on the EOS blockchain and the online encyclopedia Everipedia will be included in the cooperation. In this way, it is believed that the election data will be immutable and accessible to everyone. In the past years, elections in the country were made over an application called Voatz and the application used blockchain technology.

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