He/she who has the cash, wins?? Let’s talk about the coming consolidation in the world of cryptocurrency and why the companies that have the cash on hand, will ultimately win.

We also introduce a new segment on the show… Pump it, dump it.
Who is your Pump it and Dump it this week? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter!

PwC M&A Crypto Report: https://www.pwc.com/gx/en/financial-services/pdf/2nd-global-crypto-ma-and-fundraising-report-april-2020.pdf

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** This is not financial advice and these are simply my own opinions, as such, this should not be treated as explicit financial, trading or otherwise investment advice. This is not explicit advice to buy these cryptos, do you own research.**


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  1. RCFantom
    RCFantom says:

    I get the Thank You mail, I just sat in on an interview panel; it came down to 3, the best one that got the job, DID in fact send a thank you email. She got hired.

  2. Kurt Look7
    Kurt Look7 says:

    Cringe you should of kept making content and stuck to actually being a crypto YouTuber your break shows you aren’t consistent and better channels like Chico crypto actually have good things to contribute. Switch ur content or just leave this platform. U make money off just advertising and use that to invest into crypto u aren’t here for the long term it’s obvious


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