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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


37 replies
  1. Alex Lototzky
    Alex Lototzky says:

    I know that this is no longer live comments. Sadly I am normally not ready to follow your live stream at 8am so I am still watching you on youtube Ivan.
    This is my persona opinion but I think we need to urgently focus on something in the crypto community.
    Namely we need to make it clear what a peoples crypto currency would/should look like

    The powers that be are busy right now because they know that they must maintain the narrative about what the new, the next economical and financial paradigm should be.
    IMHO they will try to absorb the neutral and open, albeit dangerous reputation cryptos have and use it to bring the most distopean electronic currency system into existence.

    What I think we as a community need to do is to get out a counter narrative focusing on the hard money aspects of crypto. The privacy, the lack of counterpart risk, the a-political nature of the open network. We need to get this message into the head of the masses, so they do not quietly accept a government crypto which will spy on them to an extent they are not prepared for.

    My idea is to have an open project where the community comes together and defines what the perfect or ideal peoples crypto should look like. Adopting all the lessons learnt over the last decade with Bitcoin and its siblings, we are in a great position to enlighten the masses as to what true community crypto is and how different a government crypto will be.

    It is our time to shine. To show that we are not just a bunch of anarchists. Show the world we are serious about freeing humanity from the artificial bonds of the private politicized financial world. Show them how dangerously close the free and fair cryptos we have been working on for a decade is to the dictators wet dream of dystopian spy money to control the population in an absolute way.

    I fear we are at a pivot point in history. in the following weeks and months, the foundation stones of a new financial order will be placed. They will be placed in secret by the ones that did it the lat time. And you can be sure they will build in every back door they need to ensure they safely stay in their positions of privilege. Translation, re-enslave us with a new financial system no better than the old one, but restarting the age old game of domination.

    Yes Ivan, this is our chance to break the wheel.

  2. MrBrynnorth
    MrBrynnorth says:

    With most currencies devaluing against the dollar, I think a lot of people are wanting to hold tether since it supposed to be pegged against the USD and therefore at least retaining it's value……for now.

  3. HGMonk
    HGMonk says:

    With dollar you can buy everything, including bitcoin. If dollar becomes toilet paper due to inflation, how's the bitcoin supposed to behave differently? With toilet paper you can still buy bitcoin and inflate the investors who put value on that. Price pumping while world's collapsing? These moves just don't seem to be different from usual market manipulation performed by big actors: nothing about the freedom tale some users love to tell. I just can't feel bullish at the moment, even if I love the logic behind the crypto world.

  4. Robert Ra
    Robert Ra says:

    So they are even copying the fiat strategy, which puts it in the shitter in the first place.
    If anything, they whould NOT be coppying THAT particular strategy.

  5. r_ d_
    r_ d_ says:

    Run for your lives guys. Get away or just do not buy in this market – it is over.
    87% of coins has been mined, and miners are just selling cause price will go only down.
    And you are buying something which you gonna hold until it will go south. Big time. Manipulation nothing more.
    Nothing grows 2 000 000 in 10 years. Nothing, except manipulated bubble.
    You will not become millionaires, you will lose big – just consider my words. Stay good.

  6. dae
    dae says:

    Love your show. I have a proposal. So sometimes I dont have enough time to just see it trough so Ill skip trough it for the topic that really interests me (I think Im not alone on this). So maybe you can add links to timeframes for each topic in the description?

  7. Piotr V
    Piotr V says:

    Tether coin backed by $ in bank that is backed up to 0.5% of value and printed in trilions and backed by nothing. HAHA! 🙂 just wait till someone creates coin backed by tether backed by $ backed by bank guarante to 0.5% backed by nothing.

  8. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Thanks so much Ivan. I appreciate your answering my question. I am trying to research how we can establish identity for use in the crypto space that meets the burden of proof in traditional legal institutions when establishing smart contracts. Right now, due to the economic climate. There is a myriad of banks that are taking advantage of people who have spent a lifetime building up equity in their homes, businesses and are being preyed upon with less than favorable high interest loans. If we can create a foundation in which smart contracts meet or exceed the requirements by the courts we can offer relief to these poor individuals by offering lower interest loans to get by. This is a very serious matter IMO. If decentralized finance is to become a reality for the masses, this is one of the highest hurdles we must clear IMO.
    Thanks once again Ivan. I hope you consider taking a few days off to enjoy yourself, spend time with family and friends. All work and no play!


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