Binance acquired CoinMarketCap for the hefty price tag of $400 MILLION, but is the acquisition justified? Does Binance now have too much power in the cryptocurrency space?

We talk about CoinMarketCap, Tiger King, Bitcoin’s crazy month in March and some quick job interview tips to help you get through your next interview.

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  1. Glendon Gross
    Glendon Gross says:

    Since coinmarketcap sold for $400. million, maybe we can all be encouraged that the crypto space is still a good place to make money. But I keep expecting Bitcoin to replace the dollar as a reserve currency, and it sure hasn't happened yet. I think if it were easier to exchange Bitcoin in a timely manner, then it might eventually be thought of as a refuge while the stock markets are in free fall due to the COVID-19 scare. But I haven't seen this yet! Thanks for keeping us informed of what's going on from your perspective.


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