Support the stream: Cornavirus Pandemic – we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus 2019 #Covid19 and it’s global impact. India is placed under lockdown – with restrictions on a population of 1.3 Billion people. China opens Wuhan for travel.
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #covid_19 #pandemic #coronavirusoutbreak
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26 replies
  1. Jono Hargreaves
    Jono Hargreaves says:

    About to go into nation wide lock down here in New Zealand in 2 hours and 40 minutes . No one is able to get masks here, only a few lucky people have been seen wearing one. My main concern is my flatmate doesn't even wash his hands after going to the toilet…

  2. Libor Hušek
    Libor Hušek says:

    If you dont have mask, take a good quality cotton tshirt, cut it and put it on your face! Then boil it out in water to desinfect it, if you get home or wash it on 90°C. Its really that simple

  3. Mark Lindley
    Mark Lindley says:

    On October 18th, Bill Gates along with the World Economic Forum ran a high-level Pandemic simulation at John Hopkins University in Baltimore…


    They wanted to see how prepared we are as a country to handle an outbreak based on our current capabilities…


    They simulated, get this… a coronavirus.


    They called it: “Event 201”…


    The result?


    Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t prevent the hypothetical coronavirus from killing 65 million people.


    This was less than 60 days before the first case of Covid-19 was reported in China…




    Very unlikely.

  4. gauri gumaste
    gauri gumaste says:

    There us no problem of detection in India. I totally support our P.M design. Its densely populated. Recourse are limited.we have to stop it here other wise many low income and vulnerable people will die. We have to go under lockdown. As soon as possible.

  5. MrD
    MrD says:

    Everyone is the US is so busy trying to hoard food and TP that the grocery stores are still packed all day with people. I only go to the when i have to or when they are about to close and get what i need and get out keeping track of everything i touch and disinfecting everything i buy before putting it i the pantry. I even lysol cash and then put the cash in the dryer on high for 30min. Elderly in Texas say they are willing to die so their grand kids can live the American dream and not be licked up in the house. Lol they might be ok with that but what about that 35 year old with a heart condition or that 45 year old with kidney problems. I am even using UV disinfectant lights in my bathroom. Anyone who has ever worked in a clean environment knows what actual decon means and how difficult it is. I started getting ready for this once china closed back in January and started warning friends just in case back in January man people were calling me crazy things and now they are locking themselves in their homes cause they have nothing and all PPE is gone especially for the regular citizen.

  6. Renee H
    Renee H says:

    State of emergency declared in New Zealand tonight. Our country is going into lockdown as of 11:59PM tonight. Schools closed, non-essential businesses closed. 205 confirmed cases so far.

  7. Dane L
    Dane L says:

    People are still shaking hands in the states, it's fucking annoying.
    Hi i'm blah blah blah * extends hand out *
    Oh nice too meet you blah blah blah idiot * stare down hand until they put it away *


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