Support the stream: Cornavirus Pandemic – we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus 2019 #Covid19 and it’s global impact. March 23 – Corona Virus Update
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic
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42 replies
  1. Angel Martin
    Angel Martin says:

    Hospitals here are dead. Everyone I know reports the same. Also I caught Peak Prosperity in a lie today, he photoshopped the worldometer chart of new US cases to read double what the actual chart said. Screenshot it if anyone cares. We are being taken for a worldwide ride

  2. MikaelGreenFly
    MikaelGreenFly says:

    19:35 I'm in Germany on the boarder to a highly affected region. My level is at level 6-7 right now. The lockdown is getting more severe as the days pass. We are looking at Italy in shock. We know that we have one of the best health systems in Europe, if not the world but statistics show that this will still overload our health system. Our lockdown measures should show up in 14 days. School closures are going to show at the end of this week, but by that time we are already going to be in the six figure range. If your country has a bad health system, consider taking extreme measures…

    Good luck and stay healthy. We are going to get through this mess.

  3. rusty smith
    rusty smith says:

    Bro It got exactly that bad in Wuhan as well except in China they just lock them in the houses and they died so never mind making out that Italy ran out of stuff and that’s why the problem is that bad ….we just haven’t been told the truth of the numbers from China …..wake up

  4. Tony V
    Tony V says:

    Michigan, USA…Fear level has moved up from #1 to #2. 1,071 confirmed cases and 9 deaths. 2 confirmed cases in my county in just the past 3 days…Starting to roll across the state like a runaway train…sigh…

  5. Chris A
    Chris A says:

    I live in a rural area of central/north of Sweden. I thought we were pretty safe, but stupid and irresponsible ski tourists brought up the virus from the south. Now we're up to the same numbers per 100000 capita as the big cities in the south of Sweden.

  6. Youri Carma
    Youri Carma says:

    – This coronavirus strain is highly contagious and can kill even healthy people. ('Super Airborne' – true ventilation shafts for example – even true (wet) eyes and skin)
    The research, published Wednesday, Mar. 12, said coronavirus particles "up to three hours" on air.

    Coronavirus can persist in air for hours and on surfaces for days – study
    Mar 18, 2020 Reuters

    – SARS-CoV-2 can survive for 5-28 days on surfaces.

    – SARS-CoV-2 has an abnormal long incubation time of 3-4 weeks.

    – You can contract the SARS-CoV-2 more than once.

    – Even human to animal contagion is possible.

    Coronavirus: pet dog belonging to Covid-19 patient infected, Hong Kong health authorities confirm

  7. Youri Carma
    Youri Carma says:

    Mar 19, 2020 Jean-Claude At Beyond Mystic

    critical thinking – Mar 22/2020 – NewWorld – Priorities Planning Projections #chaga_gangsta
    Mar 22, 2020 clif high

  8. Bernard Macarius
    Bernard Macarius says:

    Thanks Michael. I wish there was a universal lab where we can see all the tests they have already performed globally. Sharing information is paramount. I know the damn pharmaceutical companies are not doing it to protect any future patents. All about the money. Open source lab would be awesome. Have they explored all the spectrum of light? Wave from sound and magnetic, how about sterilization or remediation using ozone machines? What about containment room flooded with halon to starve oxygen? I am just a janitor with certification in mold inspection and remediation and that is just what my ignorant self can come up with for now. Sharing info. IT MUST HAPPEN!

  9. Roy Wessbecher
    Roy Wessbecher says:

    Is it too early to learn lessons? This is NOT the big one. Granted, it is a slightly nastier Meathead Virus than most.
    Other Meathead Viruses: HIV, EBOLA, MERS, The Common Cold, BSE, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Spanish Flu, and, and, and…
    The BIG one will come – and again originate from our "Cultural Meatheadism". It will be airborne, not just aerosolized (like this one).
    What do we do when our factory farms have a viral outbreak among the masses of animals? We mass murder them, to the last one.
    Now another of those viruses has gotten into our masses. What will nature do? What will we do? Stop Cultural Meatheadism now!
    High price to pay for Meatheadism, huh? Usually the animals pay the price in full, not this time. More animal soup, anyone?
    PS: Experts say it likely came from sick caged bats, and maybe jumped to another "meat animal", then to some butcher or eater.

  10. Andy
    Andy says:

    Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin combined are 100% cure rate within 6 days. 36 patient controlled study, 6 with the most severe cases (URTI and LRTI) were cured with the combination. Hydroxychloroquine alone cured 70% of patients within 6 days. Cured being they took nasal tract swabs every day of the study, grew the swabs in culture and looked for virus. After 6 days 100% virus free. Read the French study!!


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