Cornavirus Pandemic – we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus 2019 #Covid19 and it’s global impact. California under Lockdown. March 20 – Corona Virus Update – National Emergency declared in the US #COVID19.
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #covid_19 #pandemic #coronavirusoutbreak
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45 replies
  1. Doug InOrlando
    Doug InOrlando says:

    Friday after markets closed, on national business tv, Steve Forbes was on calling for the government/Fed to directly support all companies immediately, (i.e. Implied not just the viable healthy ones, no time to figure that out). He looked very fearful and even stamnered a lot. Thought occured to me, what does he know? Is it about the leveraged derivatives market with all the counter party risk?

  2. Rae Mini Hopa
    Rae Mini Hopa says:

    USA is making people get influenza A&B tests before getting Covid-19 test, from what I understand people are forced to pay for the influenza A&B test as well as the office visit or ER visit if they are able to get covid-19 test it will be free.They had to shutdown drive through testing in some locations because they didn't have enough tests. So another week gone by with very little testing being done. Nurses not having enough PPE this early on is a massive failure and gross negligence with the overseer of government stockpiles.
    Trump is trying privatize the the virus testing instead of using the tests every other country is using, more than likely he's getting some kick back . It will all come out when things settle down. Sadly the USA looking as bad as China when it comes to underhanded behavior.

  3. Conscious Crypto
    Conscious Crypto says:

    Yeah, I think I'm worried about the same things you expressed, authoritarianism in China and out of control COVID19 in Europe and the US, though authoritarianism is actually a risk all around the world right now.
    On Hive/STEEM, I do think Hive is making some important changes that may make its version of dPOS work better. Really Sun's behavior is an attack against and moratorium on dPOS itself. Hive is removing the ninja-mined stake that had centralized a lot of the power, but there are still some lesser whales around. They are also preventing exchanges from voting, which should have been obvious, but everyone thought exchanges would never have such poor judgment given the 13 week powerdown period (to be able to give your customers their coins back after you stop voting with them so they can withdraw from the exchange!). We'll see how it goes. Glad to hear of Uptrend. Will give it a look.

  4. Robyn Saavedra
    Robyn Saavedra says:

    Did last night get cancelled? I thought I was waiting on last nights video when I fell asleep. It is 11 pm here in US and I am getting up very early. Hope you are well and thinking of you. Many thanks and much love to all.

  5. Will Survive
    Will Survive says:

    Beijing’s Claim of No New Infections Contradicts Reality on the Ground
    Chinese citizens report long lines outside of hospitals, new makeshift hospitals, and forced quarantines

    "For the first time since the virus outbreak began, China’s national health commission claimed on March 19 that there were no new infections in the entire country.

    But Chinese citizens describe a different reality.

    In Wuhan, ground zero of the epidemic, residents witnessed long lines at hospitals while more facilities were reportedly being set up to accommodate ill patients.

    Meanwhile, netizens said they don’t trust the Chinese regime’s narrative.

    The CCP virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus, first emerged in Wuhan in December 2019.

    The Epoch Times refers to the novel coronavirus as the CCP virus because the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup and mishandling allowed the virus to spread throughout China and create a global pandemic.


    In a video posted to social media on March 19, a Chinese citizen shows the Wuhan Union Hospital, one of 46 designated facilities to treat COVID-19, and the queue in front of it. “Look, Look! People are lining up in front of the fever clinic at Wuhan Union Hospital,” the person says. The Epoch Times confirmed the footage was filmed at the hospital.

    More than 30 people are seen waiting in line, keeping a safe distance from the person in front of them. A hospital security guard is stationed nearby, dressed in a protective suit and wearing an N95 mask.

    Those waiting in line wore masks, some dressed in surgical gowns or plastic raincoats—worn by many during the initial outbreak as people sought to protect themselves from contracting the virus.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Wu, a resident in nearby Huanggang city, cried for help. He said no hospital in Huanggang or Wuhan could diagnose his disease because all the facilities he visited were full of virus patients.

    Wu’s daughter told The Epoch Times in a phone interview: “I called doctors from Wuhan. They said it’s very possible that my father has a kidney tumor, but they couldn’t accept him. … Their hospitals are full of [virus] patients.”

    New Facilities

    On March 19, a construction worker shared a video of a new makeshift hospital set up within a stadium in suburban Wuhan.

    “After another night, our mission is almost complete,” the man said. “A new makeshift hospital will be in operation soon.”

    Ms. Li, a resident in Wuhan, told The Epoch Times that authorities have recently set up so-called relay stations around the city. Typically set up inside universities, diagnosed virus patients are being held there in quarantine.

    “After the 14 makeshift hospitals were closed [on March 10], they set up 300 relay stations. I believe they are like a new type of makeshift facility,” Li said.

    Coinciding with Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s first visit to Wuhan since the outbreak, authorities closed down the makeshift field hospitals, saying there was no longer a need for them.

    Ms. Li also said many people are undiagnosed and self-isolating at home. “[From what I know], each residential compound in [Jiang’an district, an area of Wuhan] has infected virus patients. The patients are forced to stay at home.”

    Ms. Zhang, another Wuhan resident, believed the epidemic was much more severe than authorities are admitting.

    “If the outbreak isn’t critical, it [the government] would allow us to return to work. Now all roads are still blocked, and businesses have not resumed production in Wuhan,” Zhang said in a March 17 phone interview.

    Since late January, Wuhan has been under lockdown. To prevent the virus from spreading, workplaces were closed down, public transportation and road travel banned, and public events canceled.

    Aside from Xinjiang and Guizhou, two remote areas of China that recently reopened high schools and middle schools for seniors who will take entrance exams, all schools in other provinces and regions are closed.

    China’s schools have remained closed since the Lunar New Year holiday. Classes are held online.


    Many netizens are skeptical of the authorities’ claims that the epidemic has been contained. One widely circulated article posted onto a Chinese internet bulletin board said that only when three criteria are met will it indicate that the epidemic is truly over.

    The three criteria are: all schools in China reopen; North Korea and Russia reopen their borders to China; and the CCP holds its Lianghui (“Two Sessions”), the Party’s annual conference for its rubber-stamp legislature and the advisory body, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

    This year’s Lianghui was scheduled for March 3 to March 13. On Feb. 24, the Party announced that it would be postponed due to the epidemic.

  6. emergerq
    emergerq says:

    Chinese 'pride' /face is the dumbest thing on this earth. The whole world knows China is responsible as they failed to contain it. Without America or the West China is a very poor country and its looking like it will decline faster then it grew from 2001.

  7. Sweetcanary
    Sweetcanary says:

    about the military spreading the virus – well in France it first broke out in 3 wierd sounding places to me – turns out the 3 are NATO military bases. Milan in Italy also has a NATO military base. So this is serious news.

    ENCRYPT3DBR0K3R says:

    Yo BoxMining you should post to Hive Network – steem is now dead officially and we would love to see you over there. the future is with hive. humans will now have a free decentralized social media site to share and post… the #hivemind will rise

  9. Brandy Wasay
    Brandy Wasay says:

    19:00 alcohol theoretically is stable from 40% and stronger . But because alcohol is a volatile liquid , it easily evaporates very quickly , that is why 60% should be the ideal minimum to use as disinfectant . I sold chemicals and alcohol for 10 years .

  10. Suzanne Gittins
    Suzanne Gittins says:

    We need to understand that this virus originated from bats not people. If we blame each other there will be war, so stop blaming. Try to find the the cure, use your energy to find the cure not the blame.

  11. Athena Rivera
    Athena Rivera says:

    What's scary is the treatment being talked about. My understanding is it will still leave people asymptomatic/carrier of the virus which would still allow for it to be spread. I hope people understand this.

  12. Angelika
    Angelika says:

    Michael, December had a huge number of people in the USA get a viral pneumonia. No antibiotics worked and so many people I saw on youtube comment section and people I know were sick for 4-6 weeks. End of December was worse as it was travel season for Christmas holidays. I suspect it was Corona then. What do you or your viewers think? Did they have this unusual viral pneumonia in Dec. in the usa or europe? Are they in destination ski areas or other international hubs?

  13. Debbie Bland
    Debbie Bland says:

    Yes very weird about WHO. there was an article from The Washington Post that there was a financial fund setup and that the WHO couldn't say that we had a pandemic until June or all the funds would be lost! you could probably check this out

    THINK FIRST says:

    It is the level of innoculum (amount of bacteria on first contact) that can kill young healthy ppl. If you get a high level of bacteria on first contact your body doesnt have time to fight it.

    California is screwed because they allowed spring break to happen despite the pandemic. New Orleans will also be highly affected. The US is pretty screwed, and will need to lock down many areas if not all.

  15. Debbie Bland
    Debbie Bland says:

    @zerohedge a couple days ago they had a story about Chinese doctors who went to Canada .sent some virus to their lab in China and got forcibly ejected from the Canadian lab. but if you go to George Webb website he says a soldier went for the world games- military games and he was the first patient . I think all level 4 labs should be abolished worldwide.

  16. Verne Arase
    Verne Arase says:

    Russian trollers originated the story early in the outbreak trying to create friction between China and the United States; Chinese netizens picked it up much later, then the Chinese Communist Party picked it up in a desperate attempt to conceal their incompetence and the flaws in their political structure.

    Xi Jinping and the CCP are desperately trying to blame anyone else as the Coronavirus rapidly burns through the world, but are really painting themselves into a corner with Chinese citizens since they are literally accusing the United States of an act of war. The CCP may soon find their military commanders committing acts of military aggression because some of them may actually believe their government, and citizens of mainland China may demand war because they also foolishly believe the narrative with no voice in China but that of the Chinese Communist Party.

    The more the CCP pushes this to their citizens, the more likely they will eventually be pulled by the inertia of the crowd into things they really don't want to do. The CCP will either have to have a major purge to avoid war, or be drawn by their lies into a military conflict with the United States.

  17. Chad Linton.
    Chad Linton. says:

    Broni really dont think that the kids are downplaying this is spring break. The fact is, those kids are democrats. They are the ones that wanted hillary clinton to be president. They need to be fined.

  18. Seattle Kiwi
    Seattle Kiwi says:

    Based on multiple reports as I followed this story since 2019–In the beginning of outbreak in Wuhan, the CDC wanted to get in there that first week when they were notified Jan 2020. The hold up was in negotiations because USA people on that advanced CDC TEAM. The Chinese gov. for whatever reason, right or wrong, didn’t want foreigners close to ground zero until it was clear they would abide by strict rules of what they could see and say publicly. The CDC negotiated the trip for 2+ weeks to get into Wuhan and when the CDC went in, the viewing was extremely controlled. It’s understandable based on normal times; as every nation wants to preserve its sovereignty but, getting to ground zero 2+ weeks later cost lives. Whatever was hidden, covered up and/or destroyed based on leaks and reports coming out we will most likely never know unless someone can get the information out of China. A long shot. This lack of transparency on this whole thing from ANY party or government hurts everyone for the fighting the next phase of the virus and for the next pandemic or problem anywhere in the world. It is sad here that China gov. couldn’t trust their own people or other nations enough for the sake of humanity. We all have to do better.

  19. Jesse Dow
    Jesse Dow says:

    Bitcoin is up 75% In the last week. It's outperforming just about everything year to date.

    BTC (Bitcoin = – 2.23%

    GLD (Gold) = – 4.81%

    UBER = – 22.66%

    SLV (Silver) = – 32.64%

    Zillow = – 43.66%

  20. Christian Boy
    Christian Boy says:

    thank you CCp for giving us corona virus, i dontblame yyyyyyyyyou. if i billion people die i dont blame you. you r good n righteous. Hail china. thanks for this misery assholes

  21. Keith Rincon
    Keith Rincon says:

    Glad you pointed that finger pointing schemes. It seems to be also causing these conspiracy theories. Glad you cleared it all up. I too was starting to get a bit of uncertainty.

  22. Keith Rincon
    Keith Rincon says:

    Hey man, finally hit home for me with the lockdown in CA and yet they (hospitals, news sites) still don't recommend wearing face masks but to keep your distance and keeping your hands clean and not touch your face.

  23. Demi California Girl
    Demi California Girl says:

    I live in Riverside, California too many people out today, I wore my n95 mask and gloves to the bank and grocery store. I am a recent Certified Nursing Assistant graduate Everyone should be wearing a mask and gloves. It can be anywhere at this point. I am 58, I want to die from old age, not from a fookin virus! Young people out today, driving around, no one taking it seriously.


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