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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist


35 replies
  1. Walkyrie
    Walkyrie says:

    there is NOT infinent amount of cash, there are infinent amount of numbers on a computer though and this is exactly what the fed is calling cash. Bloody liars

  2. dactylntrochee
    dactylntrochee says:

    Dear Cousin Vanya,

    I'm as much a free market, free thinking, capitalistic individualist as the next [American] guy, but not when lives — especially in great numbers — are at stake. In that case, you have to become a socialist for an indeterminate time. It's okay, and it goes away. Israel in 1948, when everyone was a poor refugee, was highly socialistic, with a small "capitalist outlet" for those who wished to take advantage of it. Today, if I'm not mistaken, the communes are a withered minority of the workforce, populated mainly by elderly idealists.

    This is the right time to be a socialist in heart and in deed. Unfortunately, those of us who like to work primarily for ourselves — and stand out from the crowd — will be set back for a while. That's kind of too bad, but it's how it went. It beats the alternative. (When the likes of Trump, Devos and Putin are willing to give up their kingdoms in exchange for a horse, THEN we'll be ready to restart things. That implies a long and severe shaking-out.)

    Livin' 'lone in NYC

  3. Joseph Westphal
    Joseph Westphal says:

    The only way to do a fair rescue would be to give all people the same amount of money or based on their average income of the last years. And than the people have to decide which company, bank or whatever is worth to be rescued.
    This would clean the market from all the useless shit we have build up in the last years.

  4. Yaadi Journey
    Yaadi Journey says:

    Its impossible to predict what is going to happen but my bet is that crypto will slowly take over, it may crash but it will be the new standard and increase in value. We have to realize we cannot compare crypto to dollar because dollar is fiat. So if crypto is worth 1 dollar or 10,000 dollar does not matter!!! How many are using it is what matters!

  5. Joseph Westphal
    Joseph Westphal says:

    I think it is stupid to say that more people will die because of a economy collapse. The worst thing what happens to most people is, that they loose wealth. Cause they loose there jobs etc.
    But it is a long way that in the most countries people really die because they can't buy enough food or something like that.
    The virus kills thousands or million people for sure. Wealth is not comparable to killing or dieing…

  6. M T
    M T says:

    COVESTING $COV will be used as utility on PRIMEXBT in only 1 week. Only a 2m marketcap right now. Only 11 cents at the moment. Utility exchange coins are typically successful such as BNB and KCS

  7. Big Mike
    Big Mike says:

    This is no accident. The financial system was set up this way in the long term plan for a 1 world currency. Look up Agenda 21 presentation by david icke from 2016. Everything he said then is now in front of our face

  8. Ronald Bitter
    Ronald Bitter says:

    call it PLANDEMIE. everything is planned. Even Defender 20 of the Nato in the eastern states of Europe. Officially its terminated. BUT…. you will see big Changes in europe. Bigger than you can imagine.
    Hope, that in the end BTC will not be shut down by the globalists.

  9. Vagner Rodrigues
    Vagner Rodrigues says:

    I do not see other way to face the really hard times we have. It should be transcendent to ideologies and look for solutions to such complex context. The challenges we have these days is unprecedented.

  10. Silver Jaguar
    Silver Jaguar says:

    People are gonna liquidate all there crypto as soon as they can’t afford to pay there bills and people are idiots thinking this shyt is gonna take off out of no where it’s gonna follow the stock market straight down like a rocket …

  11. Garry Silk
    Garry Silk says:

    A UK economist said a week or so ago that more people would become bankrupt than would die from Corona. As you pointed out the short, medium and long term impact of these bankruptcies are losing your business or employment, losing your house, losing your marriage, impacts on your and your family and your staff's health, impacts on your and your staff's children's development. I think it would have been better if we just put all our energy in keeping Corona out of nursing homes and safeguarding older people living at home but let the economy continue as normal. I am 66 and have historic asthma and bronchial issues. But why trash the economy to save us oldies?
    We've had our time. I know its politically difficult (lets face it most of our leaders are not spring chickens) and everyone loves their gran/grandad but we should be looking after the future.
    To be fair we (the world) had limited time to discuss this, and its probably too late now. But lets have the debate in case we have another virus. Garry Silk, Australia

  12. Wa55abi
    Wa55abi says:

    Hi Ivan, I think you are underestimating the Virus. If you do not shut down now, at the end of next month, it could be chaos on the streets, because of the exponential growth of the infections (approximately 3x every week). There can be millions of infections nearly in every great country worldwide…

  13. Peter
    Peter says:

    The problem is the economy is debt saturated, so adding more debt at this point only makes things worse. From bottom to top, people, businesses, cities, states, and the federal government are all debt saturated, the wall has been reached. You have to get rid of the debt. Imagine if the Fed came along and paid off every loan. The Fed creates the money, applies it to the loan, and where does most of that money go? Right back to the Fed. But free from all the accumulated debt, the economy could bloom.


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