Bitcoin price updates and a look at the cryptocurrency market and updates from Energi NRG, Zilliqa ZIL, Ethereum ETH, and we also take a look at a list of Top 5 Altcoins as ranked by Teeka Tiwari and Palm Beach Confidential including Enjin ENJ, Numeraire NMR, Streamr DATA, MCO, Status Network SNT.

Energi – Gen 3 Release + Masternode Update
Ethereum 2.0 and roadmap
Mega partnerships, pioneering stablecoins: Zilliqa
Akon online conference about Akoin

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47 replies
  1. Jocelyn Garcia
    Jocelyn Garcia says:

    Energi, indeed is the future of the crypto world after Gen. 3.0 has solidified its strong foundation. With smart contract capabilities alongside a strong treasury, EBI, and a reduced MN collateral from 10k to 1k, NRG is bound to add on development after after development making its pillars stronger as time goes by. And with user-friendly approaches employed and live support provided, NRG is making its way to world adoption.

  2. Nicolai N
    Nicolai N says:

    Can anyone tell me please, if I'm keeping the energy coins on kucoin exchange, do I need to do anything ? I mean migration of coins… or exchange is going to do that?

  3. Gaël des Montagnes Noires
    Gaël des Montagnes Noires says:

    BTC x ETH =ETC
    ETH is a centralized currency like fiat controlled by secret millionaires and billionaires… a REAL shitty coin. DEFI applications, worth their salt, are ALL moving to ETC right now💚
    🎉🎊💛x💙=💚WOOHOOHOOO🎊 🎉

  4. freeduckie
    freeduckie says:

    Teeka Tiwari and his 'Pump' Beach Reports are nothing in todays time. His top picks are worthless and his name doesn't pump coins like he used to in 2017. Just a scammer who wants to get as much cash for his useless newsletters

  5. Søren Bech Jensen
    Søren Bech Jensen says:

    Could be fun to go through Palm Beach's previous picks – could throw some perspective on this:
    Cindicator, Dragonchain and Aragon didn't do too well.
    Teeka is a charming guy, but the telemarketing approach Palm Beach have, really bugs me.

  6. Christmas Time
    Christmas Time says:

    Good video that explains the history of the Energi progress and details how one can get more information on becoming a part of the most awesome and forward thinking crypto community. The highly successful launch of Gen 3 along with the wider availability of masternodes to the community will only help achieve its goals of mass adoption and serving the underserved areas in the Defi space. Keep this coin in your sights.

  7. Euris Spanglish
    Euris Spanglish says:

    to be honest the one i would take its energi is the crypto most complete and it is also the most amazing one i recommend it mastermodes team and gen3 are the best energi team is so amazing

  8. Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith says:

    I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to migrate my NRG to Gen 3. Only took a couple minutes! The team did a great job on making this as simple as possible for everyone.


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