Today we are reviewing a platform in which you can get fiat and use crypto as collateral. They do have a deal for everyone who signs up today.
Sign up with PawnHub today:


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    YOUNGAHMAN says:

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  2. Alex Orassa
    Alex Orassa says:

    Ivan are you gonna post this to Hive Network? did you see the post on r/cryptocurrency ? everyone is leaving steem for Hive Network. Justin Sun is a communist who tried to take over and now lost. he will be the laughing stalk of crypto space now

  3. Reddy NR
    Reddy NR says:

    Ivan Nice video. When markets are uncertain if the value reduces and when we spend money it will be difficult to adjust money as we don''t get fast cash big money as bitcoin price change suddenly like last week and it may liquidate so we have to be careful like margin trading. However nice service we can use as an when we analyse the price will surely go up. Its good that many are adopting BTC.

    Last time I had FD (fixed deposit) in the bank they they gave me a loan on my FD as collateral and then they give me less interest on my FD and they take more interest on the loan and they give only 80% of my FD Value and its not much useful as per my opinion but we can use the service in certain circumstances.

  4. John Blatner
    John Blatner says:

    So if Boeing needs more then 60 billion for bail out. Can I use my digital loan to give them billions of more. Can they just print me more and more green stuff. I know ya can't do that with real money like bitcoin. Sorry Ivan just being a smartallik. Thanks for all ya do. Be safe.

  5. Nalis Solus
    Nalis Solus says:

    Taking up debt to buy crypto might be tempting, but is generally a path you shouldn't take.
    Only bet what you can afford to lose. Don't be a debt slave of from gambling addiction.
    (I'm lecturing myself too because I know I have an addictive personality prone to such things as gambling).

  6. Douglas Kuhn
    Douglas Kuhn says:

    KYC is the only sticking point with this, I know they (Pawnhub) has no choice because of regulations, but this violates the 5 pillar foundations of crypto…to be open, borderless, neutral, censorship resistant, and public. If this requires KYC, it is not borderless or public.


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