Cornavirus Pandemic – we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus 2019 #Covid19 and it’s global impact. March 19 – Corona Virus Update – National Emergency declared in the US #COVID19
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #covid_19 #pandemic #coronavirusoutbreak
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42 replies
  1. Rappers delight
    Rappers delight says:

    This video is from March 18 he changes the dates because he is lazy and want to give out of date information this is crazy this video is not March 19 news it was lived streamed yesterday so box mining is lying and keeps putting out of date information out this acount should be taken down by google

  2. Libor Hušek
    Libor Hušek says:

    Wuhan pneumonia originated in Wuhan full stop. Like Zika originated in Zika forest. Westnile fever originated in the Nile region,ebola = Ebola River etc… This "hurt feelings" attitude shines a really bad light on the good people of China and espetialy wuhan, I dont think they are offended. Only the CCP seems to be offended

  3. DrWrapperband
    DrWrapperband says:

    The charts don't really show people, who don't do math, what the situation is. I have calculated a figure of the chance you might meet someone with Covid-19 and done the USA and UK in a spreadsheet.

    I've put the charts on Github are open source. I'm exhausted trying to warn people and the bad Govt propaganda that all is OK is giving everyone massive cognitive dissonance, they will be very angry soon in the UK.

    As of 17th March, calculated from the dead not tests, there was 1 in 15,000 of meeting someone with Covid-19, in the UK it is 1 in 3640.
    However looks like London is a hotspot and the predicted lines is generated under the assumption of a 1.2 times per day, or 4 day doubling time, whereas for the UK it is steeper. As it is the dead, that was the situation 20 days ago they are working to as though it is today (Wednesday), and they will close the schools Friday.

  4. J Grex
    J Grex says:

    A friend tried to buy some masks from Amazon and they have not been delivered yet.

    Also, in regards to the CCP manipulation of the reported COVID cases, I do not see why it should be stated that the rest of the world has more cases than China when the numbers are under reported, and it still doesn't seem to be the case that things are good or getting better based on YouTube videos of situations in China videos.

    Additionally, in general, it does seem like people should be skeptical in regards to the preparedness of governments and organizations and handling of the situations by government and organizations.

  5. Seattle Kiwi
    Seattle Kiwi says:

    Vaping illness not connected. We were right in middle of this as we had vape illness in our family and NO ONE GOT SICK OR HAD A VIRUS other than the vaporee . This is silly. I’m calling this the Wuhan coronavirus 2019. This theory so sad what’s the big deal about where a,virus is from. Own it, put on your big boy pants China gov.

  6. The NPC Show
    The NPC Show says:

    Flawed test kits were made in China, bro. United States CDC discovered the flaw during quality control checks in early February and had to correct this, hence the delay. CDC China let this slip by, not USA CDC.

  7. J.F
    J.F says:

    In Cape Town, South Africa we're having new incoming flights every 3-5 min 😱
    No masks, cruise ships docked with coronavirus, and a large vulnerable population, what can we do?

  8. Tomy Boy
    Tomy Boy says:

    Our country Slovenia, send 2 million masks to china last month and now we are facing collapse in our Hospitals, because of the shortage.
    We basically ran of of masks yesterday and Hospitals will be forced to shut down, as healthcare workers can not work without the protection. Government is getting really desperate, they arrange for millions of masks to be delivered, but here you can see how European Union words mean nothing. Basically, every country for themselves.
    One shipment is stuck on German/Austrian border and trucks can not get to Slovenia. Other shipment is coming from Spain and government lost all contact with the truck, that transported masks to us, they don't know where it is.
    Will see if government could arrange to get the trucks pass the border as priority/health relief convoy or the EU bureaucracy and selfishness will prevail. On top of that, we are first neighbor to Italy, which is now considered Wuhan of Europe
    We saw on glimpse of hope this week, that we need to work together and help each other. UEFA president Slovenian Aleksander Ceferin, contacted his friend Jack Ma(Alibaba), that Hospitals are in desperate need of masks and he immediately arrange the plain and donated 300K masks, which already arrived in Belgium, unfortunately couldn't get them closer. Hopefully, truck with that shipment, doesn't get stuck somewhere, like the other two shipment.
    Here you can see, how incompetent and unprepared EU is, everyone for themself.🤬
    Thank you Jack and China. 👍

  9. Mark Lindley
    Mark Lindley says:

    Chinese wet market cause crash. Corona jump species origin from bats now human to human. Chinese responsible did not notify the world heath agency soon enough waited 4 weeks. China tried to cover up. Now whole earth pay .

  10. JacobJee
    JacobJee says:

    Here in the US, people are still allowed to travel between cities and work , for those that still have to be at work. Mass layoffs are happening , so we're worrying a bit more about our economy and how to make ends meet more than containment. I see this as a huge issue , especially since wearing masks is still not being socially adopted by Americans. I see more masks being worn more and more daily but not enough en mass. I'm concerned we're lagging dangerously behind testing and social containment. Restrictions have too many exceptions, I agree.

  11. Geng Yin
    Geng Yin says:

    CDC & FDA want Americans to get sick. Why would they allow GMO food & prevent labeling? How did opioids become an epidemic? Why have secondary ingredients in vaccines not been linked to autism, spectrum disorders, etc….


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