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  1. dhalsim shoots
    dhalsim shoots says:

    USA is donezo already. Dow has dropped 9500 since Feb. I'm in USA and have been and will continue to buy btc. Getting through the civil unrest and the inevitable martial law will be the tough part.

  2. MrMadnelsen
    MrMadnelsen says:

    Closing the financial markets would be useless. The prices would still move, you just couldn't trade them or get money out of the market directly. Once they re-open, you'll still have the damage.

  3. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    Could this be a way for the fed to start there digital dollar? Give everyone $1000 however you must download there digital wallet and claim it so they can get the distribution adopted quickly.

  4. Magik Hat
    Magik Hat says:

    I would disagree, now would be good moment to enter altcoins. You just invest nothing more that you are ok to lost and don't invest serious money. Profits could be huge.

  5. Norbert
    Norbert says:

    It looks like a normal flu, but the problem is that there is no resistance in the population and if it spreads uncontrolled health services will not be able to handle it. If in a country 10.000.000 People will be affected (which is aspected) and the death rate is 1% you're talking about 100.000 deaths in a few months time. You have to spread it out in time to prevent this scenario from happening. It will be some difficult months ahead of us and people and institutions want cash to pay for bills and loans. I suspect everything will go down a little further, no matter what asset you talk about. I just hope that people will now recognize BTC as a form of fair money and that every USA citizen will buy a little BTC from their 1000 fake fiat airdrop.

  6. Defcon 2
    Defcon 2 says:

    Ivan, you better pray that Bitcoin doesn't tank any further. As of now, Bitcoin is looking more like it's tied to the Argentine Peso. Digital fiat, not digital gold.

  7. Defcon 2
    Defcon 2 says:

    Satoshi, that lowlife and scammer, was very smart to bet that many would lose their Bitcoins and thus, could never cash out. So that was Satoshi's way to hedge against Bitcoin flooring to zero. What a fucking scamming king he is.

  8. Passive income Forever
    Passive income Forever says:

    Bitcoin will loss another 70% anytime soon.. it’s backed by hope and fear.. no fundamental value it this time but don’t compare bitcoin with blockchain… blockchain will change the human life and supply chain.. but bitcoin is big question mark.. it’s a gambling so only gamble what you can afford..

  9. blah blah
    blah blah says:

    I don't know why so many commentators are surprised by the speed of the fall in comparison to 1929 – look how much quicker the process is to buy and sell in the modern age. With the additional access to markets and speed of IT, of course the market will move quicker now than it did nearly 100 years ago.

  10. John Blatner
    John Blatner says:

    Trump collapses the economy just like the Simpsons predicted. They wanna pay American s 1000 dollars a month. I wonder how much they give themselves a month?. Scu mb. All planned.

  11. Dulen Peter
    Dulen Peter says:

    I'm not shaken because I don't even trade this coin for myself. I keep making money from it with just 500$ and it is great. If you want to give a try then I will drop Jules Arthur's number under this comment.


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