Cornavirus Pandemic – we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus 2019 #Covid19 and it’s global impact. March 14 – Corona Virus Update – National Emergency declared in the US #COVID19
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic
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43 replies
  1. Heather
    Heather says:

    We cannot, cannot find ANY sanitizer, or mask, alcohol, or gloves in my province of Nova Scotia, Canada. Not since I started looking in Jan! Nothing to clean with except Javex/Chlorox. I could kick that gouger's ass for what he's done, and what other gougers continue to do. They should be jailed for attempted murder.

  2. Favor Margand
    Favor Margand says:

    Let’s be honest, this virus has everyone on worried and scared. For good reason, people would start selling their assets( Btc, gold, stock or silver) and the pandemic level would be announced soon; Right now people need cash to be on a safe side because it is the safest asset in the immediate short term. They could have done it in a heartbeat by stopping the flow of new coin entering the market through Partner exchange. Dollar cost averaging is one way to go about increasing your position but it is expensive and less efficient, so what I do is I trade daily then hold 50% of my profit and exchange the other 50% to Fiat. I am accumulating now and taking out profit. I am not an expert trader but I am a smart one because I trade with Nathaniel Whittemore and he provides a lot of insight and signals. I have grown my position from 3 btc to 9.050 btc in less than a month. Nathaniel is truly a genius and his prediction are accurate, efficient and gives you a constant profit streak. He can be reached through telegram on trade_nathaniel also nathanielwhittemore7@gmail on how to profit better.

  3. Smile lifestyle
    Smile lifestyle says:

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  4. Franz H.
    Franz H. says:

    THUMB UP SO ALL CAN SEE IT ! This website is using data each individual country is publishing and China didn't solve the Corona problem , they just stopped publishing new cases and claim Corona is gone 2 weeks ago so people had to go back to work after a 2 weeks break. I'm extremly mad about the Chinese government about this cover-up because the rest of the world believed the virus can be isolated which is impossible . China claims they have 80 000 cases sicne month which is hilarious , in reality they let 6% or more of their population die for economic reasons

  5. ExoCurrent
    ExoCurrent says:

    Wow, that's messed up. Buying all the health products so that others can't so he can get rich… They should arrest that guy and put him on a corona cruise ship.

  6. Nate Byars
    Nate Byars says:

    Thank you sir!! Much love for you from Austin, Tx. USA.. Common sense isn't common in the US. So many people here are acting like everyone in Italy before it overran the country. Thanks for letting us know what's been working!! Im in self quarantine and stocked up when it got here. I'm not the smartest person but I know it ain't the flu. China, south korea, Italy all have had the flu and that didn't shut down those countries but covid19 did. I knew as soon as it got here what was coming and got enough to self quarantine. Common sense says this is shutting down every county it gets in and the ones who ignore it will he like italy. Sad to say this but US is way behind and about to be just like Italy. Thanks again sir!!

  7. Private Nonames
    Private Nonames says:

    Hey, I'm thinking a poor country like Egypt doesn't have the money to test their people. Do you think richer countries might help poor countries out? That way we can get rid of this disease all at once, and we won't have it creeping back.

  8. pulserrr G
    pulserrr G says:

    sounds like you have a cold. vitamin c and d extra.
    take extra precautions. you system will be down with a cold. be safe.grear show. sell all your stock if you haven't yet.

  9. DirtySteve
    DirtySteve says:

    I haven't been feeling great the past few days. Feels like I been smoking but I don't smoke. In defense, it has been pretty cold here, and I don't have a fever or cough. I was at Costco yesterday. People looked like they were in a big rush, and were stacking their carts. If someone yelled fire I think it would have caused a major panic. I was only there to help my friend get her cat supplies before it all got bought up. I just picked up a large box of trail bars for myself that were a good price

  10. TheH1313
    TheH1313 says:

    I just saw, and have screenshots of China only having just 67,
    794 cases, and 10,431 existing, where can I send you this screenshot just taken moments ago?

  11. E
    E says:

    Spain deserves everything it's happening. They've celebrated mass feminist marches last week where a minister got infected as well as the wife of the president . The feminist minister's husband is a viceminister under quarantine and yesterday he broke the quarantine to attend a meeting with the entire Government. It's an absolute shit show. At least Justin Trudeau is following quarantine.

  12. Tim & Laurie Spencer
    Tim & Laurie Spencer says:

    Great Show/Episode – Thank you! Where we live in Rural Missouri there are simply no masks to be had and the US is actively discouraging mask purchases. As a person with COPD, CHF, and Diabetes (as well as being a wheelchair bound amputees due to traumatic injury) and pancreaticfailure due to massive exposure to ionizing radiation, I have simply self-isolated – no other choice as I see it. Please keep up the good work!

  13. Chesney Michelle Katzke
    Chesney Michelle Katzke says:

    South Africa is under reporting numbers. A friend of mine’s dad and all of the friends of him coming back from a business trip have been confirmed with coronavirus in Johannesburg yet no atricle has talked about it and they have not been reported. I know this as they have confirmed the names in multiple articles. As well as my old highschool had a dad and a unrelated child in grade nine having corona but no more cases have come out of the school even though the dads children had been at school for a week aswell as the grade 9 being at school for 4 days. very concerning!!

  14. Mr Sweeves
    Mr Sweeves says:

    Crypto is only digital gold when transacting from a distance. Gold has crashed too but that's because it's the most liquid asset. They will both bounce back strong

  15. twangel mahoney
    twangel mahoney says:

    I wonder if whilst lock down is right, what it will do to families, if the will quarrel or violence or break ups. So many people are used to being away from their families a lot of time, suddenly to be thrown together.


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