Bitcoin’s price has crash about 15% once again, but there is hope! We take a look at new google trends which suggest “bitcoin” is on the rise as a search term.

We also examine the potential link between Bitmex and the market crash, we celebrate IOHK’s 5 years anniversary, and look at the most recent MCO Visa card news and offerings.


Bitcoin Trending
Bitcoin Price Crash and Bitmex – Is There a Relationship?
Enjin Courts Blockchain Game Developers With Multiverse Program
Charles Hoskinson Brief Cardano Update & IOHK 5-Year Anniversary MCO Launches in Europe CRO – Tezos XTZ———
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32 replies
  1. Andreas Hotkinson
    Andreas Hotkinson says:

    Been a big fan of Cardano for a long time, but they are sure taking their sweet ass time with development. Been following Stakenet as well, which is soon ready with the first Lighting Network compatible DEX, and multi currency wallet. Pretty exciting.
    I'm sure the overall market will recover soon. Just need this corona virus BS out of the way, haha

  2. quinn brady
    quinn brady says:

    I just don’t understand how Bitcoin & all the other Cryptocurrencies are being crashed?!! It’s scary at this point. But I would buy more at this price long term.

  3. 123abc
    123abc says:

    I heard that BitMEX alone collected $700 million from traders who had LONG high-leveraged positions. The derivatives market is nearly 25% of the entire crypto market. So a whale who lost money in the stock market shorted the crypto market and dumped his/her coins so that he/she could collect the profits from the leveraged short. This caused Bitmex to liquidate ALL the LONG high-leveraged trades – bringing the price down on several cryptos.


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