Cornavirus Pandemic – we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus 2019 #Covid19 and it’s global impact. March 14 – Corona Virus Update – National Emergency declared in the US #COVID19
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic
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27 replies
  1. biskero
    biskero says:

    Italy here, situation still bed, daily cases increasing. Other EU country will do worse since they delay the lockdown too much. Uk is completely nuts !!!

  2. mike conley
    mike conley says:

    In Arkansas, they were proud to announce that we have the capability to do up to 40 test per day.
    Schools finally close Tuesday. I pulled my asthmatic kid out last week after I called to ask what precautions they were taking.
    The official said "we're not there yet" .
    I have never been so disappointed as I was when I realized how little our schools care about our children.

  3. Demi California Girl
    Demi California Girl says:

    On my fear index, I am at an 8, I prepared, 2 plus weeks ago, I am unemployed right now, but afraid to go to look for work because I am a Nursing Assistant, not happy that older people are vulnerable and Nursing Homes are vulnerable.

  4. Horrordelic Rekordz
    Horrordelic Rekordz says:

    Norway is under reporting also, just testing critical cases and health workers no.. People are told to stay home feeling sick and return if feeling fine for 24 hours … Not long enough … All shops are still open and no measures to stop infection there, other than stay 1 meter apart ..

  5. Rich Buddy
    Rich Buddy says:

    I believe there is a valid run on the stores for goods including toilet paper. I stocked up 1 month supply not for fear of the stores running out, BUT because once the virus infects 30% or more of your community, you will not want to go shopping and having one month stock on hand prevents you from mingling. Also, if you get sick all of a sudden, you will already have everything you need to stay at home for self quarantine. If you get sick and then goto the store to get supplies you will infect your community. Get your month supply and stay home.

  6. Still Reading Books
    Still Reading Books says:

    just wanted to say i started a blog about the virus, where i try to gather all the best info in one place. If anyone wants to read it the link is on my channel. I'm just trying to keep my elderly parents alive, i started hearing them coughing yesterday and starting to get more worried, I have to keep an eye on them.

  7. J Sproles
    J Sproles says:

    They are investigating those idiot price gougers in Tennessee. I hope they confiscate their hand sanitizer and fine them $100 per bottle. Then donate their stash to the elderly.

  8. Demi California Girl
    Demi California Girl says:

    I been on YouTube practically day and night. I stopped watching Mainstream media 10 years ago and completely stopped watching any kind of news from the TV. I only watch news on YouTube from conservative voices.

  9. Isabella
    Isabella says:

    Australia's Woolworth's elderly hour is a good idea and i'm glad that large companies are taking initiative to protect the vulnerable but the Australian government isn't shutting down schools despite all of the public outcry. I've heard from teachers that they're trying to keep schools open for another week. Unfortunately, its hard to close schools when parents in the medical profession need to go to work so their children can't stay at home by themselves. I'm a senior student and today my high school changed our schedules so that juniors have their lunch break at a separate time to us, so that less kids are outside at the one time. I am very paranoid (8/10) because one of the early cases in New South Wales was in my suburb. I'm hoping that schools in my area close soon and that no one gets sick here. The European countries are lucky in that they are entering Summer while down in the Southern hemisphere, its going to be Winter soon.

    And also, I really wish that people wore masks here. I brought my mask to school but people said that they are ineffective and that people would get scared of me because if i wear it, they may think that I have coronavirus. It doesn't help that i'm asian lol. I hope that everyone can stay safe in this scary time and thanks Boxmining for always keeping us updated.

  10. Laurie H
    Laurie H says:

    In our Southeastern US county which received a total of Three (3) Coronavirus tests, I’m not worried about the co$t of a test. Most of us will never be tested.

  11. Jeroen Houttuin
    Jeroen Houttuin says:

    Hi Michael. Thanks for all your hard work. I came across the video below yesterday and found it refreshing to see such different opinions about corona. Maybe you've addressed this before ( I don't watch every single video here), but I wonder how you look at this. Cheers, Jeroen.


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