Cornavirus Pandemic – we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus 2019 #Covid19 and it’s global impact. March 14 – Corona Virus Update – National Emergency declared in the US #COVID19
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
#Coronavirus #wuhanvirus #pandemic
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36 replies
  1. Alan Page
    Alan Page says:

    Watch aggressive Chinese testing. (9'3'20 vid, UK chap) Shenzhen. 'Chinese Authorities Tested me for COVID-19' .

    Caught at toll gate in taxi with mask down, 37.4 deg temp (0.2 deg over max), 3 day test regime ensued. Throat/nose swabs and CT scan.

  2. Blue Rose
    Blue Rose says:

    All flights from UK and Ireland will be stopped to the USA Monday, then only American citizens afterwards. President Trump is working on stopping flights between certain states in the USA. President Trump was tested for Covid-19 this morning, results in 48hrs. Anyone over 18, who has any of these health issues, overweight, smoking, COPD, heart issues, diabetes, kidney disease, liver issues or missing a spleen is able to catch the virus. Medial age is 43 in the USA due to Americans health.

  3. prazertv
    prazertv says:

    There was a flu down here in Florida last summer that was spreading like crazy. It seemed as if everyone in the gym caught it. It had a major respiratory factor. Everyone was coughing a lot. You couldn't take a deep breath without coughing. It took me 1 week to recover from the cold, but I kept coughing for the entire 2nd week before it went away. It's possible that it might have been here last winter but no one knew about it. The symptoms sound just like this virus.

  4. Geena L
    Geena L says:

    UK has No control- they have let a certain religious group Take over- who will not do any recommended precautions because They are far too superior to the countries they invaded. UK is screwed.

  5. Lost For words
    Lost For words says:

    By the way…American Silver Eagles sold completely out in 2 days & the local coin shops have sold out of their bullion. Guess ppl are just eating to much silver 💁🏼‍♂️🤔

  6. Christine Mayberry
    Christine Mayberry says:

    I'm in California and schools are closed. That's great but I know people wont stay home. Many will see it as vacation. Tp shortage is in full swing and supermarkets are packed. I dont see it as panic. I see it as people getting ready to stay in.However, people arent wearing masks or gloves but this girl is!!

  7. MrJackHackney
    MrJackHackney says:

    We are in the toilet paper panic stage of the outbreak here in Pennsylvania US. Glad to hear it should pass in a week or 2. Olympics are 4 months away so there is time to see how things go and plan solutions.

  8. Khanxay Chommany
    Khanxay Chommany says:

    Get ready for de-population to make sure theirs enough food & water on the table for everyone & not starve. Gov. getting greedy about their beef making sure there bacon & meat is 100% all beef & meaty & not fake food vegan burgers like Burger King artificial meat they think they saving the planet by getting rid of old people the 1st phase to test see if it works to see if they can balance out supply vs demand virus engineered to kill old people bc they no longer benefit the system they don’t pay taxes if the retirees die 1st government don’t have to pay social security more money left over for their pockets more bonus checks to senators politicians to whoever is pulling the string to create stability for the rich we all going to die the government chose how were going to die & the most fair way to do it is in a form of a virus cdc webpage said clearly older adults that’s retired are at high risk the young will live & recover bc they pay lots of taxes from every pay check on pay roll of every job wherever they work at now all they have to do is use martial law with army & military in place take over all the existing hospitals or open isolation camps condemn & arrest all those who are sick & separate them from there own families & later giving them shots they lied so u can think that you having a fighting chance for survival but instead kills you slowly at the right age so government don’t have to pay for your retirement for too long make sure you die in your 60’s look at China 1 child act law didn’t even slow down population growth this is perfect for what their government needs to de populated without looking like the bad guys at the same time martial law implemented in every state of emergency government now has control of population & the people of Hong Kong China just easily lost to thier government martial law allows military forces to make arrest & condem those who are sick force to take shots like a lab rats & later say they died bc of corona that’s why cruises were targeted bc they had the most retirees on social security benefits they have a cure its only a matter of time just waiting for the right amount of death they need to make sure everyone has enough food & supply’s by getting rid of the most useless citizen the retirees just think how much money government will save by killing all the old retirees in thier 60’s millions to trillions of dollars from social security benefits even if the money gets pass down to the next kin that money is no good either because your not allowed to touch the money until you reach the retire age of 60’s gov use a scare tactic to make you pay a huge penalty so that you don’t ever touch it & the cycle starts again but their won’t be a next time bc millennials don’t have ssi they have 401k which is shit your own saving for Wall Street to spend on the stock market that’s goes tight back into the company’s investment & not yours & rob you from your pensions stock affects your saving bc it gets vested by a stock broker they charge a hefty fee to manage free money than if your lucky enough you will probably cash out 401k in your 60’s to find out you only have $60k to retire and live off off which is not enough to live your last dying days $60 grand will only last 2 yrs or less & they call that retirement mean while you have millions to billions of old homeless retirees in the streets protesting strikes what better way to engineer a virus that kills old people & removes them from society that don’t care look at the joker movie for example government cut programs all the time heck snap & foodstamp getting cut in April next month saving government more money they tried to cut social security last year congress &!16 states voted against it but they will let the virus do it naturally cut social security by wiping out the old retirees with corona virus makes perfect sense if government don’t do this we would see more homeless crisis & suffer out in the streets they are doing this to end suffering but than again I think we can do better if the rich weren’t so greedy they don’t trade time for money they live off you taxes people trade time for money & pay taxes slavery hasn’t ended it just evolve into tax slavery so that those who get a federal bonus check can get what they want at the price of another person life that paid for it isn’t right

  9. Doug InOrlando
    Doug InOrlando says:

    Saw someone wearing a mask in public for the first time yesterday. When you research and track the details like I’ve been doing, I see the US government is doing so many important things wrong … there are many people that knew better but they were not listened to. Looks to me that cases will explode, exponentially increasing far past China.

  10. Still Reading Books
    Still Reading Books says:

    i think a lot of the economy is made up anyway. I don't see why we can't put everything on hold until we have things under control or have a cure or something. Our whole preoccupation on competition and wealth is really stupid if you think about it.

  11. Juan
    Juan says:

    In italy it's bad, no one was prepared for this. There's an almost total lock down until april. No one took it seuriusly at first, sadly like the rest of the world.

  12. Brandon Daniels
    Brandon Daniels says:

    I strongly disagree that these live streams needed to be shortened from 45 minutes. Who ever complained about 1 hour being "too long" for a live stream must be on crack or something. I'm not suggesting you do it, but Joe Rogan does 3 hour podcasts. And, many other YouTubers typically do 1-2 hours. If you're only streaming every other day or so, there is a lot of information to report. Plus, you do excellent commentary on the info you talk about. Under 30 minutes can never really do it justice especially since you're covering two topics: the virus and crypto. You'll never really be able to get into a lot of detail if these streams stay short.

  13. Anna Lloyd
    Anna Lloyd says:

    The U.K. has deliberately under tested to create herd immunity. But the government only told the public on Thursday of their master plan – in an indirect manner so most people didn’t understand. They also admitted there were in reality 5,000-10,000 unconfirmed cases. A horse racing festival in Cheltenham is currently taking place with 250,000 visitors!!! We now realise that we’re being used in a medical experiment and there is UPROAR in the country.

  14. Still Reading Books
    Still Reading Books says:

    i really have to think twice about going outside, my parents would not survive if they get this. And my brother would probably not survive either, i've been trying to tell him that he should maybe stay at home and he got mad and said i'm just trying to control him. It's tough so far.

  15. Still Reading Books
    Still Reading Books says:

    i went to the store today and shit was crazy, even more intense than yesterday. All the food was gone and the store had a really weird smell like disinfectants. It gave me a really weird feeling actually and i'm starting to feel like now is the time to start staying home. Sadly my family don't really believe my concerns though and they think this is a joke, they're not really taking it seriously, and i live with my elderly parents so this is becoming a nightmare.

    DEM0N0FTHEN0RTH says:

    Most western governments do not even try to protect us, here in holland our PM says that no children can get infected all schools are still open and no travel restrictions even in hotspot areas 🙁

  17. Andre van Schaijk
    Andre van Schaijk says:

    The crazy thing in the Netherlands is that everyone that can work home should do so and all events over 100 people are cancelled but they are refusing to close the schools,dispite nearly all European countries closing the schools.


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