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36 replies
  1. Valery Ngan
    Valery Ngan says:

    I was in New york also yesterday and back in France. Here the lockdown situation will also arrive in the US in a few days. Be prepare for that. Stocks, crypto will go down for sure

  2. Monster
    Monster says:

    I think this "crash" is faster then back in 2008 cause more people are trading in stocks and more easily with having easy and good access to stocks in their phones.

  3. Wibble Wobble
    Wibble Wobble says:

    Nicholas, you may know a thing or two about financial markets, but you are incredible naive about viruses. Corona virus is still in the early stages, and the US especially is just getting started, you're gonna be shocked at the situation in 2 weeks time, hell even in just 1 weeks time. New York won't be in lockdown, the entire country will be. My family lives in Italy and the situation there is horrific. Spain France and UK will follow next, then the US. You have absolutely no clue how serious this situation is.

  4. Will T
    Will T says:

    NRG Masternode rewards are less now with the new Gen 3 . At the moment 1,000 Masternode will give a return of .914 NRG every 22 hours and will reduce as more masternodes are staked

  5. owndvice
    owndvice says:

    •Spelling Police• “Likelihood” in your video thumbnail 🙃. Excellent video though man. Thank you for your consistency in great content and perspective.

  6. Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block
    Marlon Jones. Bulls On DA Block says:

    People as a whole are not smart and therefore we as a species are NEVER proactive only reactive. We only respond with action to something that we see. Play dates and trips to bars will sadly not stop in US until people see people dying from Covid 19

  7. DanceGeekRob
    DanceGeekRob says:

    Almost No TA folks are giving helpful, accurate insights to help guide anyone to buying or selling in a profitable manner. This post generally goes against one of the famous analyst statements with regard on what to do next.

  8. Fiachra Figs O'Sullivan
    Fiachra Figs O'Sullivan says:

    Lad u losing me comparing bitcoin to the overall stock market corrections. For the first time I wouldn’t be surprised to se bitcoin under 1000. The store of value story…gone. Digital gold my arse. I was lucky to be out of all my positions for this drop but I don’t plan on buying back in.

  9. blancindividuel
    blancindividuel says:

    At around 6:15 you talk about how the U.S. is late in addressing Covid 19. Here's something else to consider: This probably isn't going to be the last pandemic we experience in our lifetimes. Our government should be using this experience as a way to learn what works, what doesn't and what could be done better in the future. None of that is happening. Instead, our government is still scaling back the CDC and closed the White House Pandemic Office. Crazy.

    How low do you think Bitcoin will go if the stock market keeps going down over the next few months? We're definitely not at the worst of this pandemic & its effect on businesses is only going to get worse, so it seems likely that the stock market will see further declines. I wonder how low it will go before it bottoms out.

  10. RAYG28
    RAYG28 says:

    They should have followed Taiwan's steps where i live. We only have 50 cases so far. And during Chinese we have a lot of Chinese tourism. But the government here was very quick to take action. SAFEST PLACE TO BE RIGHT NOW!!!!

  11. Jocelyn Garcia
    Jocelyn Garcia says:

    Excellent interview! I can't help but simply be amazed by how the Core Team works. To say that gen 3.0 is to reach out to a lot of people, to decentralize and democratize the project, and to solidify its already strong structure is truly amazing!

  12. Reshpeck
    Reshpeck says:

    Look at the charts since the beginning. Every time there is a double tap on the upside followed by a massive sell-off, a huge parabolic run upwards follows.

  13. Aaron Dames
    Aaron Dames says:

    Thank you for the overview and all your other exceptional videos. I think you may be underestimating the impact the coronavirus will have on our country and global markets. If you can, please check out Chris Martinson‘s peak prosperity daily coronavirus updates on YouTube. For the past 50 days he’s been accurately predicting the trajectory and fallout of the outbreak. He’s a data-oriented guy like you. I’d like to hear what you think about his projections, and where you think crypto will go if and when major cities across the country are quarantined for months on end.

  14. JCarigma
    JCarigma says:

    I dont like recessions even though I have money to buy cheap. Back in 2008 I seen friends and family lose their jobs and homes its very horrible to see and experience. I’m hoping this is a short term thing.

  15. couga8888
    couga8888 says:

    I live in France, they closed all the school and will close basically everything tomorrow, people are asked to stay home and only leave the house for absolute necessity, I don't see how the USA will be able to avoid that kind of scenario. that's nuts.

    What do you think it mean for BTC ?

  16. Sylvan Butler
    Sylvan Butler says:

    A "bear trap" is when you expect it to keep dropping so you short, and then it goes up.
    A "dead cat bounce" is when you think the trend has changed to up so you buy, but then it turns and keeps going down.


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