Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets have been devastated by another massive fall, wiping billions of dollars from the value of combined cryptocurrencies in a matter of minutes. The bitcoin price ditched around 30% over the last 24-hour trading period to lows of $5,721 per bitcoin on the Luxembourg-based Bitstamp exchange, from just under $8,000 yesterday, before slightly recovering to trade around $6,000.

As stocks headed for their worst day since 1987’s Black Monday Crash, the Federal Reserve announced further measures to prop up liquidity including a potential injection of more than $1.5 trillion into the market; stocks responded immediately, cutting losses in half on the announcement, before dropping back down 8%. The Fed said it will ramp up its overnight funding operations—buying “repos,” or repurchase agreements—by $1.5 trillion over the next two days.


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34 replies
  1. Madison Davis
    Madison Davis says:

    Following the recent major bitcoin and cryptocurrency market breakdown which was mostly referred to as a short term correction and buy zone has turned out to be a terrible nightmare, but the truth is that only holders are more in panic and fear each and every minutes, hours or day. However you have to understand that the market has two parts as some people would want to see bitcoin trading below 3k while others would want to see it skyrock above 10k, all thesame i see this worthless if you call yourself a trader and can't manage any market you find yourself. Due to some personal research conducted few months ago about a working strategy/daily signals, i got to know about Connor James who is a pro trader and signals provider that turns out to be a dream come through, during my first month of following Connor’s guide and trading signals, i was able to accumulate and grow a total of 6.9btc with my initial 1btc within a month. I would say, while you are wishing for the future of bitcoin, it is best adviced you start building a strong portfolio ahead. Connor can be reach via Whatspp: +13658026461 and Telgram @ Top_signals247 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

  2. Steve Smith
    Steve Smith says:

    If paper cash money is outlawed (because it spreads the Coronavirus) and the Government or Federal Reserve announce a new crypto currency, we should all refuse to use it. This will be our opportunity to gain freedom. There are already private crypto currencies we can use as money which free us from the control of politicians and The Federal Reserve Bank.

  3. ninevolt
    ninevolt says:

    Exactly why Trump was necessary as president despite everyone's qualms: investor confidence. The FED should buy Bitcoin due to it's limited supply as a hedge and the price increase would be permanent.

  4. chudy anderson
    chudy anderson says:

    Y’all asked for bitcoin at $5k and now you got it. Now we’re crashed into a bearish market and it’s smarter to earn profit and stack up in this bear market which entails buying and investing. Don’t regret that you would have bought it at 5k once it goes back to $8k-$10k. I’ve already accumulated a total of 5 btc in this Crash already and I’m getting more by weekend through the expertise of the brain box of Investments and crypto , Mr Xavier and I just can’t keep this to myself lol cause i’m so euphoric Knowing how much money I’d making when the COVID threat has finally elapsed which I know will so I highly recommend everyone to invest .

  5. Tuckafoo !
    Tuckafoo ! says:

    @Altcoinbuzz Hey I'm pretty sure it's "V" Bucks, the letter not the numerical 5. I don't really see either system as crypto, more like a stable coin if anything.. Does it have it's own block chain?

  6. Rob Groove
    Rob Groove says:

    If the game uses real crypto it should mean gamers can earn crypto in game plus we would also be a Le to trade crypto for cod crypto on an exchange. But i would highly doubt a cod game would have implemented real crypto into a game yet.

  7. Nikolas X
    Nikolas X says:

    Cardano is going to surprise so many people. Yes they have been building this whole time. Shelley right around the corner. Bought more ADA n BTC. I predict the markets will dip again on Monday n I'm buying more when it does

  8. Keith Attlesey
    Keith Attlesey says:

    Fire up the helicopters and drop that fiat! The Fed to the rescue. Imagine the bitcoin community voting to issue an additional 5 million BTC (above the 21 million cap). What the Fed’s been doing, and continues to do, is the same thing.


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