Cornavirus OUTBREAK in China – we’ll take a look at the Wuhan virus (Corona viruses) and it’s global impact.
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
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22 replies
  1. Ruth Elizabeth
    Ruth Elizabeth says:

    I do not believe Trudeau's wife is ill, the leader of my Country is in hiding cause he cannot handle this pandemic. Fucker, no direction. Leave Trudeau and let someone lead the country for those who need to be lead.

  2. Rene O
    Rene O says:

    In the end we should firstly do is Keep Calm ..
    i've lived through the 80's where baby teething toys were colored with a paint that contained lead,
    i have survived when the fallout of tsjernobyl covered western europe and we were told not to eat fresh vegetables,
    i've survived the waves of bird flue, mad cows disease and even sars when i was in china when that happened .
    I am not saying that this is not a bad pandemic BUT i do thing that too many non doctors are spreading too much panic news. but humanity will survive ..

  3. Lele19800
    Lele19800 says:

    Thanks for covering the Defi centralized crap. Nobody is covering it because they were all shilling it…And so much for ETH!! All those corrupted crypto media are silent. ETH is at the same place of 2017 with cryptokitties

  4. biskero
    biskero says:

    Italy here: currently a conference location in Milan is been converter to field hospital adding a lot of ICU. We will see the lockdown results in about 1 week or more. A team of Chine expert doctors came today to Italy to help, they brought equipment too, great thing. Also there are a treatment ( tocilizumab is the medicine) that seems to work good within 24/48 hrs. In Naples they are using it and the people treated with this medicine got better. They are extending the experimentation to other hospitals. Other EU countries are way behind.

  5. Lele19800
    Lele19800 says:

    Coronavirus it's not stoppable, even when CHINA will reopen the Virus will start again. It's in the air. It will stop once we all get it. Be healthy and good luck everyone, elderly obese and heavy smokers are at high risk

  6. Arthur Koopmans
    Arthur Koopmans says:

    Netherlands is at 600 cases, and we have already lost control over how the virus is spreading. It is now impossible to trace all the contacts. We are past containment phase now and into mitigation phase.

  7. Elizabeth Healy
    Elizabeth Healy says:

    Thank you 🙏 without you and your very informative videos I would have not had us ready and I am a single mom of 5 kids 19 10 11 12 14 😂
    Also my mom has heath risks and my sister is a new single mom of 2 babies and we are all just gonna ride it out

  8. Elizabeth Healy
    Elizabeth Healy says:

    8 cases in my small town of Lebanon Oregon I pulled my kids out this morning because I have stocked up and work from home They closed all the schools tonight and I think we will be in quarantine shortly on the West Coast

  9. ScrewSocialism
    ScrewSocialism says:

    People, Watch this video….COVID-19 is a STAGED event to BRING IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER. America is finished. World government entities are using COVID-19 to bring in marshal law, collapse the dollar and economy, force vaccinations on us, eviscerate our civil liberties like free speech and the right to travel, Abolish God and make us complete slaves to Satan's New World Order. China is in on this too. Wake up people. Do some research. God Bless…

  10. Marie ELSTER
    Marie ELSTER says:

    The genome of COVID-19 is Wuhan. Mutations from ERRORS in replication as it goes from Person to Person. It never loses the Wuhan base. RNA viruses known for mutating. PS Your DNA makes mutations too from replication errors sometimes causing cancer.


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