This Is My Final Crypto Video

I will continue making videos on my main channel:–GFw


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  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Yeah would be incredibly hard to keep content up during a bear market, hopefully see you soon. Best of luck you are a great person.

  2. Peter Son
    Peter Son says:

    You made the mistake of reading comments, eh? I say that cuz you worry about whether people like what you post…I guess that is when to quit. You make the best videos when you don't care so much about opinions and feelings…not that they don't matter. But putting it in perspective & seeking the balance, when you find that being true to yourself, and doing what you want, is really of most importance, then you can have more genuine, truthful vids. If you get back to that spot, please do come back & post because you were ONE OF THE FEW (and I've watched hundreds) authentic, non-cheesy, accurate, humorous crypto dudes.

  3. Dimension 9
    Dimension 9 says:

    There will be many in the space who will never forget your classic videos of late 17, early 18. Good luck with the new content. Crypto’s not quite ready yet. In 5 years time it will be everywhere…


    I think I speak for alot of people when I say…… thank you for all that you have done in the space Doug, you provided knowledge, wisdom and packaged it in the perfect comedic way to give us all a smile in the hard times, was a pleasure to view you thru the bull runs, and the long ass bear markets. All the best with the rest of you endeavours, love you long time. UK Family

  5. Marty Moose
    Marty Moose says:

    About 2 months ago my father sold every bit of stock he owned. That's the great news! Bad news?? He invested all of his money into a new business (He opened up a Papa Murphy's). Time will tell if people will be buying Pizza's with Covid 19 going on.

  6. Shitty Racing
    Shitty Racing says:

    I don't think people were upset because you were jumping in whenever you feel like it. I believe it was more like people joking around because the main thing this channel brought to the community was being fun when every other channel were just featuring idiot moon boys. We weren't making fun of you, it was rather we were having fun with you. I hope you keep make more videos ''whenever you feel like it.'' I need my yearly dose of doug polk crypto.

  7. João Figueiredo
    João Figueiredo says:

    I am not going to unsubscribe! Because I love the videos you made about crypto. I totally understand that you only make the videos on the bull/greed market because it is only worth it during that time. So what? People don't want to pay for content but they also believe that you should work pro bono. I don't believe in that. I hope you will be back when the real bull market comes, and all the crazy situations that will bring.

  8. Rad Matt
    Rad Matt says:

    I was here back in 2017 and 2018. The problem with all the crypto YouTubers were they would receive money from scam coins to talk about the project. They didn’t know it was a scam at the time but only talked about it because they received money. They also didn’t disclose they received money to talk about the hot scam coin.


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