SOMETHING BIG IS COMING? #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency


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  1. Devon Carey
    Devon Carey says:

    I miss your videos Suppoman! Always used to watch your content every day. I watch Crypto Revolution all the time now. But honestly, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here. Sure, bloody days right now… but the future is golden. Still believe that…

  2. Jeremy F
    Jeremy F says:

    There was no way that crypto wasn’t going down while the markets are crashing. It is nothing but speculation no matter if a specific project ends up being revolutionary. You can make huge profits or lose a lot of money. The key is to keep fishing for the next “crypto” type of investment. I think the massive gains might be done unless you are on the inter-circle of the YouTube influencer/project manipulation/promotion prior to the erratic coordinated pumps

  3. Howard Koolman
    Howard Koolman says:

    Still 136k subs 🙂 Nice to see you, to see you .. Looking forward to your wisdom when the Bulls come back.

    Great buy the dip opportunity, just before Corona starts to fizzle out as temperatures warm up, and as Trump to pump the stock market back up again.


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