Cornavirus OUTBREAK in China – we’ll take a look at the Wuhan virus (Corona viruses) and it’s global impact.
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This virus outbreak is sweeping the world with new cases discovered in the US, France and Australia. Wuhan and 6 other Chinese cities are under quarantine – and the virus is moving international
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45 replies
  1. Steve Y
    Steve Y says:

    i think trying to say Gov actions to limit virus spread is impairing human rights is quite idiotic. That's just stupid. For example, It's like saying a woman giving birth at hospital has her human rights taken from her because she's unable to what she likes at time of giving birth. Another example is if a man has a heart attack and has to goto hospital but complains that somehow Gov has taken away his human rights because he's been taken to hospital for treatment, Next people will say marriage or going to work is against human rights because neither allows you freedom to do what you want. Where's common sense and sense of responsibility these days? Everything is politicised these days, that's what populism has done.

  2. M T
    M T says:

    COVESTING $COV will be used as utility on PRIMEXBT in just days. Only a 2m marketcap right now. Only 10 cents at the moment. Utility exchange coins are notoriously successful such as BNB and KCS

  3. D H
    D H says:

    I think this proves that BTC will NOT be a safe haven from the stock market. 75% of BTC's proposition is gone. Not sure I will stay in BTC for much longer.

  4. Asp Tuber
    Asp Tuber says:

    As someone else said, it has become a daily ritual to watch you. Usually you give a very good synthesis of the overall situation, kudos for that.

    Today however you were a bit misleading about strains and mutations. If you look closely at Nextstrain you can see that the virus absolutely does not change with every sample. And even less does it change significantly (ie a change that actually impacts how the virus functions).

  5. Verne Arase
    Verne Arase says:

    On the Johns Hopkins map, China is updated automatically, but for the US they have to manually input the numbers – when they get them.

    South Korea has been very proactive – they've run almost 200K tests, and know the size and shape of the infection pool. This allows them to see the mildly sick and many of the asymptomatic, who they can then instruct to self-quarantine to prevent spread.

    The United States OTOH, has done around 2K tests (over 320 million people), and have very little idea of the size and shape of their infection pool. Additionally, there have been really stupid guidelines involving whether you've been to Wuhan or come in contact with someone who has, pretty much ignoring Italy and the middle east and secondary sites associated with them. South Koreans, ironically, are on the heavily screened list.

    The problem with 2K tests is you don't have many to spare, so doctors with patients exhibiting pneumonia and ARDS of unknown origin have to beg the CDC for a test kit, and only intimate and very close associates of the infected can be tested.

    The original 2500 test kits distributed by the CDC were a "shoot for the moon gold standard" which would supposedly test for COVID-19, MERS, and SARS (the original 2002-2003 strain) but they were defective and had to be recalled. The new kits test specifically for COVID-19, but there is allegedly infighting between the CDC and FDA (freaking Trump era bureaucrats). Supposedly this week over 100 thousand test kits are coming online, and next week it'll be 4 million. We shall see.

    South Korea actually has drive-through testing stations where you can be tested free for mild symptoms, or even if you're asymptomatic and think you have been exposed to some who is symptomatic. That's how you find your outliers and how you can prevent spread. (Remember that 20% of the infected are entirely asymptomatic).

  6. J Mercure
    J Mercure says:

    The problem in the USA is that if you don’t test, you can’t track contacts and do containment, so you’re on a course to a more exponential case curve and hospital overwhelm in the future. We don’t have a centralized government that gives a hoot. Remember Katrina and bodies in the street of New Orleans while the officials do nothing. If our hospitals get overwhelmed, the government will just let people die in the streets—they have been doing that already with people who can’t afford insulin, or who have no insurance, or people whose insurance won’t approve necessary treatment. They can’t or won’t enforce quarantines, especially on an armed population, and they for sure won’t build new facilities. This is why there is fear here in the states.

  7. Tomy Boy
    Tomy Boy says:

    If you think about it, all this Hollywood movies on similar subject, it is far more realistic that we might think. Something more deadly that this, could wipe us all in a year or two. We are not prepared at all. Or I have been watching too much Walking dead. 😬

  8. Tomy Boy
    Tomy Boy says:

    Michael, love your channel, "sadly" became a ritual, listening to your news/reports on Virus every morning, when i wake up. Firm TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH in Germany is pruducing this test kits for only 2.5 EUR. Than, it is up to the distrubutors, how much they charge, usualy 20-30x times more. Company is also giving this test kits for free, to poor countris. Basically the production is not extremely expensive. Greatings from Slovenia/Italy border and keep up the good work. O, I miss more crypto related topics.😉

  9. Adam Tharpe
    Adam Tharpe says:

    Market are based mathematical formulas and the emotions. It investors feel they can profit they will invest, however investors are concerned with how others respond to the markets may that be fear or confidence.

  10. GlitChurr
    GlitChurr says:

    I just want to be real, this has spread further in the US than the media is telling us. Here in GA we have tested 60 people, 12 of which have had positive results but only a few of those has been recognized by the CDC officially and the others are pending. We only have a link for 2 people and the rest are unknown where they got it from. A teacher in Atlanta tested positive. There is no way this thing has not spread to thousands already.

  11. J Sproles
    J Sproles says:

    First case in my state of Louisiana. They are so slow at getting the tests out here and they keep saying the tests are coming. I believe we don’t want to test. No testing equals no results equals low infection numbers.

  12. SexySwagg
    SexySwagg says:

    Italy is probably the only ones telling the truth,,all you have to do is see what China has done,,spraying streets,shutting down everything,,ruining their economy you do not do this for a flu.

  13. kaparowitz
    kaparowitz says:

    The US has only tested less than 5,000 people according to the Atlantic. This is nowhere near what is needed to adequately assess the situation. As a result, many people are in a state of denial. They think the flu is much worse. As a result, the virus will spread beyond what it has in Asian countries, which have experience and a compliant population.


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