Samsung Galaxy S10 wallet update, BitGo ready to support Tron, and bitcoin price speculation. Those are some of the topics that Mattie will cover as well as touch base on some big Cardano rumors.

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Crypto Wallet on #Samsung #GalaxyS10

#Fortnite Mastermind Tim Sweeney Defends EOS Blockchain Bloat

BitGo Is Ready to Support #Tron

Bitconnect Update

Bitcoin – BTC Analysts, Pantera Capital, John #McAfee

Cardano Rumor
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  3. Schemez DPH
    Schemez DPH says:

    They say what's the difference between 1800 and 3000 and what's an extra X% in the grand scale of things… But not everyone has enough to buy a whole coin, so if you can only buy 0.1 this month while being told the price could half and for the same money you can get 0.2, how can they blame people for not buying now?

  4. XRP Freak
    XRP Freak says:

    ALL Tron dapps were build via funds from Tron. Most of the transactions on these crappy gambling dapps are bots to prop up the number of supposed users of this pile of garbage platform. Tron has no legit customers building on it and never will. Eventually fundamentals assert themselves and this heap of trash implodes taking the fraudster Justin Sun with it since he is unable to speak the truth when he opens his mouth.

  5. Maho TR
    Maho TR says:

    1800 or 3000 can lead up to making 10.000 more or les at the end of the run. But whatever i wouldn’t take the risk to wait a 2k bitcoin because while waiting you might miss the train

  6. Justin R
    Justin R says:

    I’ve been a subscriber for over a year. Jeff got on yesterday and said socialism is bad because homelessness is a lifestyle choice and he can’t get on board with supporting the laziness. I feel silly for supporting him for as long as I did. Here’s to filling your gaps of ignorance one day.


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