Support the stream: Join me for a special episode of Crypto Happy Hour with Hashgraph’s Jordan Fried. We’ll be discussing what is Hashgraph, why Hashgraph is building the type of distributed ledger technology that they are and addressing comments from the community. Grab a coffee, water, beer, whiskey, whatever you prefer, and let’s have a good time.

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  1. Greg B Jnr
    Greg B Jnr says:

    Thanks for the video Bobby. Not particularly sold on the pitch. A bit too much criticism of other projects, a few too many uses of the word 'killer'… not enough transparency, some promises of partnerships, promises to change the world and revolutionize internet as we know it (sounded a bit like Justin Sun)… I guess it's going to be a case of 'wait and see' before I even think about putting any money in Hashgraph. And a promise of 'no fork' – seems like a silly promise to make, but then again when you are closed source you can do a lot of promising without any visibility of whether you have followed through with them.

  2. B_ mused
    B_ mused says:

    And it’s naive to think that just because the council members are scattered across the globe, or are in different industries, their interests won’t align in regard to how they govern Hedera. i.e. “we think it is very unlikely that the governing body will collude” so what you’re saying is that it’s still possible. I think all sorts of things, doesn’t necessarily make them true.

  3. Jon Runyan
    Jon Runyan says:

    I like the initial tech pitch, but listening to Jordan attempt to drop names without dropping names was super cheesy. Sales guys geeesh.

    What I don’t understand is why this guy is marketing this stuff if nobody can buy it.

  4. Anton S
    Anton S says:

    Cool, another centralized token! I can see that hashgraph has some uses. But to compare it with bitcoin? It does not even have the same purpose. Bitcoin was created because we don’t want to give all the power to the biggest companies in the world and this guy says the governance of hashgraph is gonna be by the biggest companies…

    Hashgraph will do some good things but it is not for the people. It is for corporations.


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