Support the stream: In the past 48 hours hours, a major crypto exchange in Korea was hacked and Tether worked to clear up some FUD about it’s business practices, both having an impact on the price. Let’s hang out for another episode of Crypto Happy Hour to talk about what’s going on and answer your Q&A.

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  1. Hudson Puente
    Hudson Puente says:

    What's your opinion on company partnerships with platform cryptos like neo, eth, xlm … are big companies invested in the platform survival or is it indentured servitude… who has the balance of power tipped in their favor… the companies utilizing the platform or the platform itself? Where do we look to the future for leadership?

    Xlm and IBM … do we look to see what xlm is doing to upgrade and expand their reach or do we look to see how IBM is going to utilize or not utilize the xlm platform?

    Thanks rob

  2. BuyBuyTV
    BuyBuyTV says:

    After all the hype a bout crypto all but the die hards are loosing interest. There’s been no significant innovation or implementation to maintain the interest of the casual investor who were major contributors to the market…it’s kinda like a fad that has come and gone for the casual

  3. Sachin Kapur
    Sachin Kapur says:

    Feedback : If u made ur streams shorter, and yet including the same amount of information then it would make them watchable. Such longs ones are boring and a waste of time. Reduce the noise if u want ur viewers to take u more seriously. U give a feeling that u don't value the time of ur viewers

  4. Nate Baker
    Nate Baker says:

    Agree EOS does not offer the immutability and censorship resistance of Bitcoin, but it is still more transparent, decentralized, and cheaper than a centralized service developed on AWS.

  5. JMK Minh
    JMK Minh says:

    Good news

    Tether Ltd., issuer of a digital currency, said its bank deposits of $2.55 billion were confirmed by the law firm co-founded by FBI director Louis Freeh as the company seeks to reassure investors that its cryptocurrency is backed by U.S. dollars. Follow news on Facebook BITCOIN USERS [VIETNAM]

  6. Rick Chant
    Rick Chant says:

    Ethereum Classic is being added to Coinbase because Barry Silbert owns a massive stake in Ethereum Classic and also has an ownership stake in Coinbase. Cha-ching!

    The undisclosed and obvious/illegal conflict of interest is exactly why the CFTC is investigating these people.

  7. Jason V
    Jason V says:

    Does anybody no why on my computer and iPad, idex just turns white and doesn't load but loads on my phone? I cant do any trades on my phone or transfers, idex is the worst to feels like 1988 computer.


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