Join me for happy hour to talk about the latest China rumors and my personal investing strategy/future outlook! Grab a beer, whiskey, water or wine and let’s chill and have a good time talking crypto!

Hey, it’s 5pm somewhere in the crypto world right?


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  1. Danny
    Danny says:

    I saw this post on reddit about OmiseGo and had a bunch of questions: "It's like Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining but without the need for hardware – and if you do bad stuff the network doesn't like, you don't burn expensive electricity without reward like in PoW, instead you lose some of your OMG."

    …Doesn't this just mean that the OmiseGo token itself will only be in demand by people who have tried to harm the network (they now need OMG tokens to conduct transactions because their original ones got burned)? And for the people who want to use the Omise platform to transfer money, it seems they would have to buy OmiseGo tokens as stake to make transactions? Who would pay money to do that, especially if the price of the coin goes up?? Venmo is popular because it's free, OmiseGo would be similar to venmo but you have to buy tokens to make transactions, and you have to have these tokens in your account at all times to satisfy the Proof of Stake in order to make transactions? Doesn't make sense to me..

    Is OmiseGo a utility token, a platform, a cryptocurrency, or a security that allows you to take ownership in their company?


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